They created a game based on Lem’s novel. Will “Invincible” be a Polish hit?

They created a game based on Lem's novel.  Will "Invincible" be a Polish hit?

– We devoted a lot of time, energy and heart to this game. “Invincible” is steeped in Lem. This is not a title for everyone, so we expected a big difference in ratings. However, there is one thing that is difficult for us to accept. It’s painful for the whole team. However, our plans are ambitious, and the most important assessment is the opinion of the players – says Marek Markuszewski, CEO of Starward Industries, in an interview with “Wprost”. The premiere of the title is scheduled for Monday, November 6.

Marcin Makowski, “Wprost”: Over “The Invincible” based on the novel by Stanisław Lem you have worked for over five years. This is your first game. But there comes a day when the market says: I call. What are your feelings at this moment?

Marek Markuszewski, CEO of Starward Industries: In fact, we devoted a lot of time, energy and heart to this game. For the entire team, it was an important stage in their lives, both creatively and professionally. There is uncertainty, waiting and tension – fortunately, we published demos before the premiere, so people knew what we wanted to offer them. I was very afraid of it, but in the end I think it was a good move.

Maciej Dobrowolski, Chief Marketing Officer, Starward Industries: Someone was pushing hard for this…

MM: Well, thanks Maciek. In this way, many players saw a foretaste of “Invincible” and liked the game. The reviews we receive all the time from the press are generally positive as well. This is not a title for everyone, so we expected a significant difference in ratings.

But did you expect that the most important gaming website – IGN – would rate your work 5/10? That’s surprisingly low. Your company’s stock price has actually suffered as a result.

MM: It’s painful for the whole team. We try to approach all assessments with humility, but this assessment is difficult to accept.


MM: I never thought that I would have to complain to a journalist about another journalist, because as a rule we don’t do that, but our product was reviewed by a reviewer who had only reviewed a few sports games for IGN so far. Despite the lowest graphics settings, his hardware did not meet the minimum requirements, it had 20 frames per second. In such conditions, it is very difficult to evaluate anything, especially since our great advantage is the extraordinary visual setting, immersion and fluidity, which we took care of. On PlayStation 5 in 4K we have a constant 60 frames. On the mobile Steam Deck – 45. This is a misunderstanding.

What will you do about it? However, this assessment had a real impact on the company’s losses.

MM: We asked IGN personally to review the entire matter and verify reviews and ratings. Theoretically, we could even sue them (for misleading), but I can imagine what would happen then. In our industry, fighting the big media is a shot in the arm.

MD: In a sense, they admitted their mistake. The video review of the game has disappeared from YouTube, and the written review has removed fragments regarding alleged poor optimization. However, we continue to intervene, the case is new.

MM: At the end of the day, what matters to us is the players’ rating, it’s the most important thing. Maybe some of those who would not be interested in “Invincible” have been discouraged, but we count on informed audiences.

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