What happens when you don't brush your teeth for just one day? The expert reveals shocking details

What happens when you don't brush your teeth for just one day?  The expert reveals shocking details

Brushing your teeth is the basis of oral hygiene. But what happens if we give it up for one day? Many people don't see it as a big problem. Wrong. Such negligence can cost a lot, as Professor Ewa Stachowska reminds us.

You won't believe what happens in your mouth when you forget to brush your teeth. Even short-term neglect can have very serious consequences. After just 90 minutes, a bacterial biofilm appears on the teeth. Over time, pathogens multiply. After one day, we have a lot of uninvited guests in our mouth in the form of bacteria such as bacilli and granulomas. In the following hours, they are joined by other intruders – filamentous and spindle bacilli. After a week, you can notice bacteria with movement in your mouth.

Why is regular tooth brushing so important?

Neglecting oral hygiene promotes the development of inflammation in the body and, consequently, the occurrence of various types of damage to healthy tissues and organs. From here it is a short way to various fungal infections, diseases and disorders in the body's functioning. Moreover, the multiplication of bacteria in the oral cavity makes biting, chewing or swallowing food much more difficult, and sometimes even impossible. As a result, it interferes with the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients. In addition – as Professor Ewa Stachowska notes – “bacteria and other microorganisms in the oral cavity can thwart treatment!”

Poles don't remember to brush their teeth

The problem of not brushing teeth is particularly noticeable among seniors, but also among younger people. Professor Stachowska's observations show that many oncology patients who come to the hospital for radiation or other therapies do not take basic hygiene supplies with them (brushes and toothpaste). It is assumed that not brushing one's teeth for a few days will not cause any damage to their health. The results of the latest report “How do Poles actually care for their teeth?” are not too optimistic either. Edition I 2024. It shows that the number of people who follow the rules of oral hygiene is decreasing.

Only less than 55 percent of adult Poles brush their teeth with toothpaste twice a day (3.1 percent less than last year). The number of people brushing their teeth once a day has also decreased. Experts also point out that oral hygiene is often ineffective. We brush our teeth too briefly or not thoroughly, not removing all the plaque accumulated on the enamel.

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