It will be like paradise here. The Polish city will turn into a resort in the Maldives

It will be like paradise here.  The Polish city will turn into a resort in the Maldives

A modern recreation center will be built in the village of Suków near Kielce. Residents will have a unique swimming area with artificial islands and footbridges.

In just a few years, Piaskownia Suków near Kielce will turn into a real exotic resort. A real swimming pool will be built on the site of the former mine, which may even compete with the “Polish Maldives”. In addition to the revitalization of the existing reservoir, the plans include the construction of a skyscraper on the water, an observation tower and several islands connected by piers as in a luxury resort.

A modern swimming pool near Kielce

The reservoir in the former sand mine in Suków has been attracting fans of recreational activities for years. Now the popular swimming pool located just a few kilometers from the center of Kielce will gain a completely new face. According to visualizations published on June 3, the area of ​​the facility will resemble an exotic resort in the Maldives in just a few years. One of the biggest attractions will be an office building on the water and numerous islands connected by piers. “There will be places for relaxation and active recreation, playgrounds for children, a rope park, and a marina building with a kayak equipment rental. Some islands will be habitats for animals,” says architect Dominika Skulska. The most important thing is to build a safe swimming area with a regular bottom for adults and children. Until now, the unguarded reservoir leased by the Sazan Fishing Association posed a danger to residents who willingly came here on vacation. “We want to create a place here to commune with nature, accessible and safe for everyone,” said the president of Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa Industria Spółka Akcyjna, Szczepan Ruman.

The swimming pool will be ready after 2030

Investors estimate that the construction of the swimming pool and additional infrastructure will take from 6 to 8 years. The modern attraction is to be one of the few in this part of Poland. It is not yet known when work on the facility will officially begin. According to residents, for now the swimming pool remains open to visitors, but swimming is not allowed in it. “It is a wonderful place, the most beautiful with water so close to Kielce, with enormous potential. Crystal clear water, transparent to several meters. Silence, peace, wonderful,” reports one of the Internet users.

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