What to eat for breakfast to lose weight? The most important rules to lose extra weight

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight?  The most important rules to lose extra weight

Do you skip eating breakfast? So don’t be surprised that losing weight is very difficult for you. We explain why this meal is so important when you are struggling with extra kilos, as well as how it should be composed.

Breakfast is the key meal of the day because it gives us energy for the next hours, which improves our concentration and makes us more efficient in our daily duties. Eating breakfast also helps control weight by regulating appetite and prevents overeating later in the day. This is a really valuable habit that is especially important when losing weight. Let’s explain what products you should choose when fighting extra pounds.

Why is breakfast so important when losing weight?

Breakfast, apart from giving us energy to function efficiently in the morning, also wakes up our metabolism and “forces” it to work more intensively. This, in turn, is extremely important for people who are trying to lose weight. As a result, it is possible to burn calories supplied to the body with food more quickly. This affects effective weight loss.

People who eat breakfast have higher immunity, but are also less likely to be obese. Healthy weight loss should always include breakfast in the daily menu. It is recommended to eat breakfast half an hour to an hour after waking up. The later we eat them after getting out of bed, the slower our body will burn calories, and as a result, fat tissue may accumulate.

How to prepare a healthy and dietary breakfast?

For your breakfast to be truly healthy and dietary, it must be properly balanced. So what should you remember? One of the most important macronutrients, the content of which should be the highest in a meal, are complex carbohydrates. It is a concentrated source of energy and also gently raises blood glucose levels, thus preventing snacking. Protein is also important as it fills you up for a long time and also accelerates your metabolism, which is very important when losing weight.

Another element of a properly balanced breakfast is the addition of fat, for example in the form of butter on a sandwich or oil in a salad. Its sources are also seeds and nuts. It is also worth ensuring that we include products rich in dietary fiber – it not only has a positive effect on our health, but also makes us feel full for longer.

What to eat for breakfast during a weight loss diet?

When losing weight, it is worth eating for breakfast, among others:

  • eggs,

  • low-fat milk and dairy products,

  • whole grain cereal products (e.g. oatmeal, bran, millet),

  • lean meat (chicken, turkey),

  • fish (e.g. smoked salmon, tuna in its own juice),

  • vegetables (preferably in raw form).

What should you avoid for breakfast if you want to lose weight?

However, there are also products that we should definitely avoid when preparing breakfast during a slimming diet. The following items should be avoided, among others:

  • refined grain products (light bread),

  • fatty meat products and offal (sausages, pâtés),

  • highly processed food (check how much you know about processed food),

  • food rich in simple sugars,

  • hard to digest dishes,

  • saturated fat,

  • high-sugar jams and spreads,

  • sweetened dairy products (flavored yogurts and homogenized cheeses),

  • instant meals (ready-made oatmeal or porridge).

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