State of emergency in Harare. “The cholera epidemic struck with redoubled force”

State of emergency in Harare.  "The cholera epidemic struck with redoubled force"

A cholera epidemic is spreading in Zimbabwe. A state of emergency was introduced in the country’s capital, Harare. The International Red Cross warns that the disease may cross borders and hit neighboring countries.

Harare authorities fear a repeat of the 2008 scenario. As a result of the cholera epidemic, over 4,000 people died in Zimbabwe. people, and at least 100 thousand have been infected. This led to the paralysis of basic services in the country.

Cholera epidemic. State of emergency in Harare

– We have declared a state of emergency due to cholera – said Mayor Ian Makone on Thursday, and his statement was quoted by the BBC. Local authorities appealed for help to fight the spreading disease and provide drinking water. In their opinion, the current support is insufficient.

– The cholera epidemic hit with redoubled force – said the mayor. On Tuesday, the Zimbamwe Ministry of Health reported that 7,398 cases of infection had been recorded in the country. 50 people have died and 109 people are in hospitals. However, the actual number of infected people may be much higher.

According to the authorities, the epicenter of the epidemic is in the densely populated suburbs of Harare, in the Kuwadzana district. More than half of the reported cases occur in this area.

The disease may spread to neighboring countries

According to the International Red Cross Movement, health authorities are struggling to contain the high number of admissions to medical facilities. The city lacks medics to care for the sick and the medical supplies needed to stop transmission.

According to the International Red Cross, the disease is spreading rapidly. Cases of infection were recorded in 45 of 62 districts and in all 10 provinces of the country. According to the organization, the epidemic can be expected to cross the border into Zimbabwe.

In the past, neighboring countries such as Malawi, South Africa and Mozambique also experienced cholera epidemics.

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