One hundred kilos of dead fish. Measles dangerous again?

One hundred kilos of dead fish.  Measles dangerous again?

Near Wrocław, one hundred kilograms of dead fish were caught from the Czernica Reservoir. This poses a threat to the Oder River, with which the reservoir connects. Is another ecological catastrophe coming?

On April 13, dead fish were noticed in the Czernica Reservoir. The Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection was immediately informed about the incident. On the spot, it turned out that there are about 100 kilograms of dead fish. This is a bad sign, because the reservoir is in close proximity to the Oder. For this reason, the Lower Silesian Voivode convened a crisis staff as a matter of urgency.

Site inspection

After catching the fish, the services carried out an inspection of the entire shoreline. Water temperature, pH, oxygen saturation, conductivity and dissolved oxygen levels were measured at various points. The basic analysis shows that the parameters of dissolved oxygen, water saturation with oxygen and water pH are elevated.

Water samples were also taken for further testing for chemical compounds contained in it. Currently, the color of the water in the tank and its smell do not indicate contamination. No irregularities were recorded in the main stream of the Odra river either. Physical and technical parameters are close to the average.

Are we facing an ecological catastrophe again?

The water from the tank is thoroughly tested. In the meantime, the Lower Silesian Voivode convened a crisis team. The meeting was attended by emergency services, the Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow and the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection Krzysztof Gołębiewski.

It is currently unknown how the meeting went. The Voivodship Office informs, however, that the situation of the water level is constantly monitored. Appropriate communications will be made available as new findings become available.

Measles in danger again?

The first contamination of the Oder River was recorded on July 26, 2022. There was a mass plague of fish and other aquatic animals in the river in the area of ​​five voivodeships. Hydrologists described this situation as a direct threat to the entire ecosystem, human life and health.

Currently, there is no official cause of the tragedy in Odra. German water experts believe that a sudden increase in water salinity is most likely. Brackish algae living in the water may have contributed to this. However, the case is still being analyzed by specialists.

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