The West has begun to allow Ukraine to fail? Pessimistic scenarios are being considered

The West has begun to allow Ukraine to fail?  Pessimistic scenarios are being considered

Western opinion about the war in Ukraine has begun to shift toward thoughts of failure. The Financial Times and Bloomberg have recently suggested this. A possible failure of NATO will have consequences felt all over the world.

FC journalists wrote that the West is starting to get used to the idea of ​​allowing Putin to win the war with Ukraine. Two days earlier, Bloomberg’s editorial team stated that the stalemate on the Ukrainian front, despite support from the West, forced Ukraine’s allies to worry about the possible consequences of a Russian victory.

The West is beginning to fear Ukraine’s defeat

Analysts quoted in the texts pointed out that the support promised to Ukraine by the West has dropped by almost 90%. from 2022. It is emphasized that these calculations were valid even before the failed attempts to provide further funds this month were reported.

According to journalists, voters, incited by the pro-Putin right wing, are fed up with the war in Ukraine. After 18 months, the West is starting to return to the 15-year policy of appeasement to Russian aggression.

What will happen if Ukraine loses the war?

According to the Financial Times, “in case Russia wins” scenarios are becoming more and more likely. If this occurs, several consequences are considered.

  1. Russia will introduce a terrible “win order” in Ukraine and this is not speculation. There will be exactly what the Russians have already done in this country: mass executions, castrations, rapes, torture and child kidnappings. Guerrilla attacks by the Ukrainian resistance will only trigger more repression from the Russians. Millions more Ukrainians will flee to the West, this time permanently. This will once again add fuel to the European far right.

  2. A sovereign state can survive in western Ukraine. It may even join the European Union. However, it can expect repeated Russian attacks, regardless of the “peace treaties” signed. The advancing Russian offensive will take land as soon as it can.

  3. Putin will control nearly one quarter of world grain exports. He has already moved from gas as a weapon to food as a weapon.

  4. Putin’s success will encourage countries interested in attacking their neighbors: China, Venezuela, Azerbaijan and, of course, Russia itself. The expected creation of a Ukrainian army in exile will only motivate Russia to attack other countries.

  5. A discredited NATO will face a greater test. Putin constantly wants to prove that the Alliance will not survive. If it attacks the Baltic countries, NATO will likely send troops. When several hundred Western soldiers die in such an action, far-right parties will demand “peace.” Western countries may withdraw, arguing that they need to avoid escalation and nuclear war.

Abandoning Ukraine is a choice, there is an alternative

As journalists emphasize, Americans and Western Europeans feel safe, and several Eastern European countries have begun to invest large sums in their defense. “Abandoning Ukraine seems to be a choice. There is an alternative,” writes the Financial Times. “The Russians have a technologically underdeveloped economy, the size of Canada’s. Europeans can help Ukraine stop Putin even if Trump withdraws. We would have to quickly build our arms industry, but our effort will be negligible compared to Russia’s.

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