Cezary Kulesza speaks eloquently about the dismissal of Jakub Kwiatkowski. He mentioned trust being depleted

The decision to dismiss Jakub Kwiatkowski, who had been the union’s spokesman and team manager for the last 11 years, was widely reported. Cezary Kulesza spoke on this matter. He mentioned trust being depleted

At the beginning of December, information appeared in the media that Jakub Kwiatkowski, who had been the team manager and spokesman of the Polish Football Association for 11 years, had ceased to perform this function and was removed from work in the union. Later, a laconic statement from the Polish Football Association appeared, informing about the end of cooperation with the activist. This move surprised many fans and the players themselves, who, according to WP SportoweFakty, were very surprised by this move of the association and coach Michał Probierz. “As we hear from inside the team, the players have a grudge against the coach, Michał Probierz, who signed the dismissal of the spokesman and, in their opinion, it is an unjustified move,” journalists once reported.

Cezary Kulesza spoke out about the dismissal of Jakub Kwiatkowski

Now Cezary Kulesza has commented on this move, and in an interview for “Przegląd Sportowy” Onet, he revealed what sense it made to dismiss the widely liked spokesman and team manager. “This is what Michał Probierz wanted. For several days he signaled to me what he wanted to do. I advised him to think carefully and consider all arguments,” replied Cezary Kulesza.

“I have known Michał for years and I know that this is his characteristic feature – when he creates a scenario in his head, it is extremely difficult to convince him to choose other solutions. He is sovereign in decisions regarding the team, which is a good thing because he is directly responsible for the national team’s results. We met with Michał, talked a bit, but at the end he repeated his opinion that he did not see Kuba Kwiatkowski on his staff,” he emphasized.

Cezary Kuleszy mentioned exhausted trust

When asked whether the coach informed about the reasons, Cezary Kulesza replied that yes, but he did not want to talk about the details. “I have already received suggestions to part with Kwiatkowski, and I am not talking about Michał Probierz at the moment. Czesław Michniewicz and several colleagues from the management board tried the same. There were some tensions, but I managed to defuse the bombs. Kuba knew well that I was always on his side,” he added.

The president of the PZPN also revealed that Kwiatkowski could not be entrusted with other activities in the PZPN. “Tomasz Kozłowski informed me that his trust in Jakub Kwiatkowski has exhausted,” he concluded.

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