Should heart sufferers be afraid of a cyclone? Doctor: It’s worth drinking coffee

Should heart sufferers be afraid of a cyclone?  Doctor: It's worth drinking coffee

On the Friday before Christmas, atmospheric pressure is expected to be record low. All because of the raging cyclone Zoltan. What does this mean for people with heart disease?

Cyclone Zoltan (also called hurricane Pia) means that the weather-wise days before Christmas, as well as Christmas Eve itself, will not be pleasant. It’s not only wind, rain and snow, but also very low pressure. However, specialists provide some reassurance here: there are no studies in cardiology that would show that high blood pressure translates into cardiac problems. However, this does not mean that we have no right to feel worse.

How will Cyclone Zoltan affect your well-being and health?

Can we blame heart problems on the weather? Not completely. – Smog, air pollution, too high cholesterol, overweight, smoking are important, but not necessarily the weather – says prof. quoted by the PAP Health Service. Artur Mamcarz Head of the Department of Internal Diseases and Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw.

However, an unfavorable aura can affect our well-being, and a bad mood – an increase or decrease in blood pressure, increased sensitivity or heart palpitations, and even an increase in the perception of various disease symptoms.

How to improve a bad mood during bad weather?

When the wind is raging outside and the rain is pouring down, we have the right to not feel good and be in a bad mood. – On such a day, we should take special care of ourselves and do something that will improve our mood. Each of us has different ways to do it – it is definitely worth drinking coffee, which has been scientifically proven to be healthy for the heart. It won’t raise our blood pressure, but it can improve our mood, and that’s what we want, says Prof. Aleksander Prejbisz, acting head of the Department of Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Health Promotion of the National Institute of Cardiology. And as the specialist adds, if we like to sit under a blanket with tea – let’s do it on a day when the weather is so unfavorable.

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