NATO strengthens Lithuania. Armed robots stood on the border with Russia

NATO strengthens Lithuania.  Armed robots stood on the border with Russia

NATO strengthened the Lithuanian border with Russia by placing four combat robots along it. As writes, these are THeMIS machines based on artificial intelligence, created in Estonia.

The Lithuanian border has just been reinforced with weapons straight from science fiction movies. Four THeMIS, or Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry Systems, armed combat robots have been deployed along the section adjacent to Russia. These are devices produced by the Estonian company Milrem Robotics, belonging to the 13th Light Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army.

NATO robots on the border with Russia

NATO sent unmanned vehicles as part of a maneuver program aimed at improving the Alliance’s defense doctrine. – The machines were put into experimental use by an operational unit in an appropriate military environment – ​​said Lt. Col. Sjoerd Mevissen in the Spanish “El Confidential”. He emphasized that there was no harm in having a simple test and regular training. He emphasized that the territory of Lithuania is under close observation by Russia, and NATO member countries take the use of robots seriously.

THeMIS already in use

THeMIS and other autonomous units are already used in Ukraine. They are mainly used for evacuation and logistics tasks, but the military emphasizes that they have high firepower and can protect hidden infantry. They are also subject to modifications, according to the needs of the battlefield. Their towers can be equipped with several types of weapons at the same time and reconnaissance drones.

The robots described here can be controlled by a human or move independently. However, they do not have the ability to automatically open fire. They also lack controversial artificial intelligence systems that independently identify and destroy targets.

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