Supplementation 2.0. Taking care of your health takes on a completely new form

Supplementation is one of the best ways to supplement your diet with important nutrients that we do not always provide our body with food. Although we are becoming more and more aware of the effectiveness of supplementation, we still have problems with taking appropriate measures regularly – and it is regularity that helps to obtain the best results. The reason for our failure to take supplements is time, lack of proper habit, and sometimes the unfriendly form of the products. Vitamin D3 takes a shape that will allow most of us to “make friends” with supplementation.

When drinking afternoon coffee, we automatically look for something sweet, when getting into the car, we automatically reach for chewing gum, during an evening session in front of the TV, we like to treat ourselves with a snack. These are rituals that many of us enjoy. And no wonder – after all, they make time more pleasant and allow us to pamper our senses. At the same time, we still have a problem with regularity when it comes to taking supplements. We skip portions, too large tablets or capsules are often the problem, and ultimately many vitamins and other products expire at the bottom of a forgotten drawer. A survey conducted in 2017 by the Market and Opinion Research Agency SW Research shows that although 72% of Poles reach for supplements, only 48% do so regularly.

A solution for “problematic” supplements

Experts have looked at this phenomenon and developed the perfect solution: megaD3 jellies, which are supposed to change our approach to dietary supplementation once and for all. The secret is primarily the form of this product – its charming shape, sunny color and orange flavor effectively encourage you to reach for it every day. It is enough to do it once a day – one jelly contains as much as 50 micrograms (2000 IU) of vitamin D in the easily absorbable form of D3. This is the daily amount recommended for adults in Poland for supplementation throughout the year. Additionally, the product contains zinc, which supports immunity, and MCT oil, thanks to which the body absorbs vitamin D3 better.

Vitamin superhero

Why is vitamin D supplementation so important? This vitamin is actually a group of fat-soluble chemical compounds, among which we can distinguish two forms: ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). The first form is produced by fungi and plants, while the second one is synthesized in our skin and can also be found in fatty fish and egg yolk. The impact of vitamin D3 on the body cannot be overestimated. Conducted, among others: by Ghanaati Shahram, Choukroun Joseph and Volz Ulrich research, published in the International Journal of Growth Factors and Stem Cells in Dentistry, shows that adequate levels of vitamin D3 in the body can prevent health problems, including the prevention of various chronic and infectious diseases(1). Other experts also point to its importance.

The importance of vitamin D3 is also indicated by the Team for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition of the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław: “Vitamin D deficiency is of great importance for the human immune system and the functioning of the system, among others. nervous or cardiovascular. Patients with low concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the blood are more likely to suffer from a heart attack, stroke or hypertension. Research shows that its deficiencies also contribute to type II diabetes and secondary hyperparathyroidism and bone loss, which leads to osteoporosis and an increased risk of falls and fractures.(2)“.

Where does vitamin D come from?

How to ensure proper vitamin D level? It is estimated that only 20% of the amount of vitamin D needed by the body can be obtained from the diet, and about 80% comes from biosynthesis in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. However, due to cloud cover, smog and the more and more common use of sunscreen, this amount is radically decreasing. And this is where proper supplementation plays a key role. Proper, i.e. regular and based on the appropriate vitamin concentration – and this depends on age, body type and individual health needs.

According to the authors of the 2018 study “Principles of Vitamin D Supplementation and Treatment”(3) the supply of vitamin D in healthy people aged 19-75 should be from 800 to 2000 IU (20-50 μg) per day throughout the year, while seniors (people over 75) should take from 2000 to 4000 IU ( 50-100 μg) per day – the efficiency of skin synthesis of vitamin D decreases with age. Supplementing the right amount of vitamin is much easier and more enjoyable thanks to the friendly form of tasty jellies that are easy to remove from the packaging.

Proven composition

MegaD3 is a product that allows you to take comprehensive care of your health. In addition to vitamin D3, it also contains 3 mg of zinc. Although much less is said about it, zinc has a significant impact on the proper functioning of our immune system and the maturation of immune cells. Moreover, it is also a strong antioxidant that helps protect cells against free oxygen radicals. In addition, it also regulates blood pressure, prevents varicose veins, protects the pancreas, and has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the problem of low levels of zinc consumed in the diet may affect as many as 2 billion people in the world. The best dietary sources are meat, offal, liver and mussels. The solution for people who consume too little of them, for example due to a vegetarian diet, is supplementation. MegaD3 jellies contain zinc citrate, a form with good bioavailability of 61% (in the case of the popular zinc oxide it is 49.9%).

According to scientists, the combination of vitamin D3 and zinc is a perfect duo. Zinc is an essential activator of vitamin D3, in turn vitamin D3 may affect zinc homeostasis and absorption. The whole thing is complemented by MCT oil, which facilitates the absorption of these ingredients.

Are “sunny” orange-flavored jellies, closed in a transparent bottle, the answer to the supplementation problems we struggle with every day? There’s a good chance that yes. MegaD3 can replace a sweet snack, although also in this case it should be remembered – it is a dietary supplement, the daily portion of which should not be exceeded.


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