Differences of opinion on the Political Council of the PiS party. Kaczyński responds to the journalist

Differences of opinion on the Political Council of the PiS party.  Kaczyński responds to the journalist

The editorial team of “GW” revealed that Jarosław Kaczyński had a disagreement with Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński at the meeting of the PiS Political Council. The PiS president commented on these reports.

On Saturday, a meeting of the party’s Political Council took place at the headquarters of Law and Justice. During the talks – as described by “Gazeta Wyborcza” – there was a difference of opinion between Jarosław Kaczyński, Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński.

Republican Party and Łukasz Mejza

The former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration allegedly suggested not to vote “wholesale” for including Republicans in Law and Justice.

Wąsik was apparently referring to one of the MPs – Łukasz Mejza. It is worth recalling: in November 2021, Wirtualna Polska published an article revealing that the Mejzy company offered the treatment of “incurable diseases and ailments” with methods “that do not have medical confirmation”, and all this for a lot of money. Then a huge scandal broke out around him.

Kaczyński allegedly replied that he understood the doubts of the former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, but politics was complicated. Then Kamiński allegedly hinted that maybe it was a good thing that Law and Justice did not have a third term. – He alleged that then there would be even greater moral decay among us – “GW” quotes one of the participants of the meeting on Nowogrodzka Street, who quoted the meaning of the words he said. Then Jarosław Kaczyński was also said to be “outraged”. – He reminded who in our government supervised the services and who had the ability to punish what was wrong – we read.

A close associate of the PiS president commented that what was included in the “GW” article “well reflects the meaning and spirit of the public conversation,” but “it was a polite exchange of opinions, not an objection to the president.” He added that Kamiński was supposed to talk about “moral decay, sitting next to Mateusz Morawiecki.” In his opinion, the whole conversation was mainly about Mejza.

Kaczyński: there is no dictatorship in PiS

“Wyborcza” asked Jarosław Kaczyński for a comment. – Mr. President, apparently Kamiński criticized the fact that Mejza joined the ranks and that you ordered all Republicans to be recruited “wholesale” – asked journalist Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz. – Ladies and gentlemen, I will not answer further on this topic… – replied the PiS president. – But isn’t it true that he warned? – she continued. – I will not comment at this time. Contrary to your stories, there is no dictatorship in Law and Justice, there are open discussions – he concluded.

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