The End of Protective Shields. How Much Will Gas Fees Increase?

The End of Protective Shields. How Much Will Gas Fees Increase?

At the end of June, preferential electricity and gas prices will cease to apply. What price increases should PGNiG customers prepare for?

PGNiG will soon raise gas prices – this is a result of protective shields expiring at the end of June. For a few more days, households and other recipients indicated in the act of December 15, 2022 will benefit from lower gas prices: 24.62 gr/kWh gross. Subscription and distribution fees have not changed since the end of 2022.

Higher gas prices. PGNiG sent out price list

On July 1, the shields will cease to apply. Wirtualna Polska’s editorial team presents the new rates that recipients will have to start getting used to.

PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny will raise the price of gas by approximately 45 percent – ​​from the current 24.62 gr/kWh to 35.79 gr/kWh gross (from 20.02 gr/kWh to 29.10 gr/kWh net) for high-methane gas from group E. It will be similar for nitrogen-rich gas. For the Lw subgroup (tariff group Z), the price will increase from 24.62 gr/kWh to 35.79 gr/kWh gross, and for the Ls subgroup (tariff group S) from 24.62 gr/kWh to 36.29 gr/kWh gross.

To this must be added higher distribution rates. The variable fee will increase by 55% from 5.43 gr/kWh to 8.41 gr/kWh gross, and the fixed fee will increase by 59% from PLN 3.85 per month to PLN 6.13 per month gross in group W-1.1.

Adding up all the increases, gas bills will increase in a few weeks by an average of 50-60 percent compared to 2022.

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office has all the conclusions. What about energy and gas prices from July?

The Energy Regulatory Office (URE) informed the Polish Press Agency that all so-called obligated sellers of electricity and gas who must submit tariff applications to the President of URE have submitted them.

On June 10, the president signed the energy voucher act. Among other things, it introduces a maximum price for electricity in the July-December 2024 period at the level of PLN 500/MWh for households. The document also imposes on so-called obligated sellers of electricity and gas the obligation to apply to the President of the Energy Regulatory Office for a change in their tariffs for households under the threat of losing compensation for selling energy below tariff prices. Sellers had seven days to submit applications. The time expired on June 20.

Who is the energy voucher for?

Some recipients will benefit from an energy voucher. This is a one-time benefit aimed at reducing the financial burden on households resulting from high bills for electricity, natural gas and district heating. The energy voucher will be awarded to households whose average monthly income in 2023 did not exceed PLN 2,500 per person in a single-person household or PLN 1,700 per person in a multi-person household.

The energy voucher is intended to help the most disadvantaged families cope with rising energy prices. Households that meet certain income criteria are eligible for the energy voucher:

  • in single-person households – when the income does not exceed PLN 2,500

  • in multi-person households – when the income per person does not exceed PLN 1,700

  • retirees receiving benefits equal to or lower than the minimum pension.

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