Farmers complain about Orlen. The president responds

Farmers complain about Orlen.  The president responds

Orlen Paliwa fully fulfills all contracts and delivers the contracted amounts of fuel on an ongoing basis – the company’s president, Janusz Kogut, told PAP.

The transport industry and farmers have recently been complaining about wholesale fuel shortages, shortages at some stations and problems with refueling agricultural machines in Orlen. They even wrote a letter to Minister Jacek Sasin in which they complain that due to fuel shortages, its price has increased significantly and even reached PLN 6.80.

The president of Orlen Paliwa responds

“The company fully fulfills its contractual obligations and supplies fuel on an ongoing basis. Our production in Płock and Gdańsk, which we supplement with fuel imported from abroad, is sufficient to provide our customers with the amount of fuel specified in the contracts,” Kogut emphasized. As he explained, this applies to both companies purchasing supplies from Orlen SA and Orlen Paliwa.

Kogut recalled that the Orlen Group’s share on the Polish fuel market, including retail and wholesale, is approximately 65%. “The rest of the Polish market is supplemented by imports and also served by independent companies, entities completely outside the Orlen group. Therefore, it is difficult for us to comment on their activities or pricing policies. Of course, we monitor the market on an ongoing basis and analyze actions that could stabilize the market in the event that other companies operating on the wholesale market do not ensure an adequate supply of fuels,” assured the president of Orlen Paliwa.

“We work to ensure that fuel deliveries to wholesale customers and gas stations are uninterrupted and meet market demand,” added Janusz Kogut

More inquiries

According to him, the company has recently had more inquiries about the possibility of selling fuel from companies that have not been its wholesale customers so far or have only purchased small quantities and now want to significantly increase their purchases from Orlen Paliwa.

“We analyze each such application very carefully and check the feasibility of its implementation. Our priority is stability on the entire fuel market in Poland, as well as fulfillment of contractual agreements with our regular partners,” the president emphasized.

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