“Our new home.” She ran away from her husband to protect her children. This is how the team transformed their house

While waiting for the post-holiday episodes, we remind you of the spectacular metamorphosis from the program “Our New Home”. In the 203rd episode of the popular series, Katarzyna Dowbor and her team helped a family from the village of Siedlce.

“He threatened to set the house on fire”

Siedlec is a small village in the Łódź Voivodeship surrounded by beautiful fields and forests. In part of a small, almost hundred-year-old house, Mrs. Ewa lived with her two children, 11-year-old Wiktoria and 10-year-old Patryk. At the time the episode was recorded, the woman had been raising her children alone for two years, after she separated from their alcohol-abusing father. – There were constant arguments. Under the influence of alcohol, he only threatened that he would do something to me, beat me, or even set the house on fire. I lasted eight years, she recalled.

The house was uninhabitable

The family was in a very difficult financial situation. The children’s father neither paid child support nor came to visit them. And the children were often sick. The family occupied part of an uninsulated, almost hundred-year-old building, because the rest belonged to Mrs. Ewa’s brother.

The house was not safe for the occupants. The old electrical installation was a threat to life. In one of the rooms, the family did not turn on the lights, fearing that the electricity would burn out. The central heating was broken, so the only source of heat is a damaged goat. The house was damp and the ceilings were covered with fungus.

The “Our New Home” team transformed the family’s building in just five days. See what transformation the group led by Katarzyna Dowbor managed to achieve.

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