A breakthrough in the KPO case. EUR 5 billion is to go to Poland

A breakthrough in the KPO case.  EUR 5 billion is to go to Poland

As part of the revision of the REPowerEU KPO, Poland is to receive advance payments from the Recovery and Resilience Fund. It’s as much as EUR 5 billion.

In the next few days, the European Commission is expected to approve the amended KPO and the new chapter – REPoerEU. The Council of the European Union is to consider the documents on December 8.

A breakthrough regarding KPO. Poland will get the money

As the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy explained, the payment of advance payments to Poland from the Reconstruction and Resilience Fund results from the programming of investments and reforms in the new chapter of the KPO, i.e. REPowerEU.

– The REPowerEU budget grants Poland EUR 2.76 billion in the grant part and an additional EUR 22.5 billion in the loan part. The funds will be disbursed after the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy signs agreements with the European Commission for the grant and loan part in December, emphasized Grzegorz Puda.

Therefore, next year Poland will receive advance payments in two tranches, each in the amount of over EUR 2.5 billion (from the grant and loan part). From the subsidy part, our country will receive two advance payments, each in the amount of over PLN 1.2 billion.

REPowerEU – what is the program?

The minister explained that the granting of money to Poland under REPowerEU was the result of his submission of an appropriate application and the very effective actions of officials from the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy. Grzegorz Puda added that the programming of the REPowerEU chapter and the revision of the remaining parts of the KPO, due to, for example, the increase in prices and disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine, are the result of activities carried out since April 2023 at the technical level, coordinated by the Ministry of FiPR, as well as many conversations with the Commission European Union, based first on the draft revision and then on the formal request for revision of the KPO submitted by Poland in August.

At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the payment of the advance payment to REPowerEU is not conditional on Poland meeting any milestones. This plan focuses mainly on key issues for Poland’s energy transformation.

It also takes into account issues related to supporting sustainable transport, as well as developing professional qualifications in order to create pro-environmental infrastructure, in particular regarding energy efficiency in construction.

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