Naramowice – a district of new investments in Poznań

Naramowice – a district of new investments in Poznań

Horyzont Naramowice is an investment of the Inwest Group in an attractive location in Poznań – the Naramowice district.

In Poznań, approximately 700,000 people use urban space every day. people. These are people living in the city permanently, people staying in Poznań temporarily and people commuting to study or work, as well as tourists and businessmen staying in the city. Almost 635 thousand people spend the night in Poznań every day. Poznań ranks fifth in terms of population in Poland and is constantly developing! It is a city eagerly visited by tourists, a city where large companies move their headquarters and a city where many people decide to settle permanently.

Currently, there is huge demand on the real estate market, there are more and more people willing to buy apartments, and fewer and fewer available premises. Despite the ongoing so-called housing boom, remember that purchasing an apartment requires a carefully considered decision. One of the most important issues that should be taken into account before choosing your dream “M” is the location.

Good localization

Naramowice is a district of Poznań located in its northern part. This district is constantly developing in terms of housing construction. Originally it served an agro-industrial function, but now it is a typical residential district with huge potential.

There are numerous companies, markets, restaurants and educational institutions here. Everything you need for life can be found at your fingertips. It is also worth mentioning that Naramowice is the district in which the City of Poznań is currently investing the most funds. One of the largest investments and the most significant for Poznań is the comprehensive construction of a tram route along with the modernization of streets. The aim of this investment is to improve the quality of life of Naramowice residents by improving public transport, reducing air pollution emissions and improving the safety of road users.

Another investment that has already been completed, but undoubtedly worth attention, is the construction of a school and kindergarten complex in the Naramowice area. The aim of this project was to change educational standards and create a wide educational, sports and recreational offer for children, youth and adults. We should also take into account numerous local initiatives regarding, among others: construction of playgrounds. Naramowice was underestimated for a long time, now we can safely say that it is one of the most attractive locations for young people studying, families with children and seniors to live. There are numerous green areas in the area, so you can find peace and harmony here, while being close to the city center.

Horizon Naramowice

The investment of the Inwest Group – Horyzont Naramowice is located in this green corner of the city. It consists of 159 apartments with optimal sizes and layouts that meet the diverse needs of residents. The offer includes not only smaller investment or ideal start-up apartments, but also larger, family apartments, including two-story apartments with an area of ​​over 100 sq m.

Taking into account the phenomenon of the so-called housing boom, it is worth mentioning that the Horyzont Naramowice investment is an ideal investment product. According to reports, over 30 percent clients purchase real estate for investment purposes. Low interest rates on mortgage loans, financial surpluses and rising inflation encourage customers to invest their capital in apartments. It is now one of the safest investment methods.

Currently, the developer’s offer includes the last studio and two-room apartments at promotional prices. More information can be found at:

Author: Anna Mojsiuk – HM Inwest, new investments department in Poznań

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