The Polish representative did not spare him bitter words. Michal Kubiak did not show up

The Polish representative did not spare him bitter words.  Michal Kubiak did not show up

Although Michał Kubiak is one of Julia Szczurowska’s idols, the Polish volleyball player does not agree with the words of the former captain of the Polish national team. – I have a problem with that – she admitted openly when asked about the words of the former star of our team.

Michał Kubiak has never been considered a man who bites his tongue. On the contrary, he has remained ruthlessly honest over the years, and it was the same when he appeared on The Journalist podcast. The former captain of the Polish national team made a very controversial statement about depression at the time. Now Julia Szczurowska referred to his words in an interview with “Wprost”.

Julia Szczurowska disagrees with Michał Kubiak

Recall that the volleyball player expressed himself in a disrespectful way about the essence of this disease. He confessed that he could not understand people suffering from it, and at the same time depreciated the work of sports psychologists, considering them completely unnecessary. His words echoed very widely, and even Daria Abramowicz, who works closely with Iga Swiątek, commented on them.

Szczurowska, on the other hand, has a completely different approach. She admitted that in one of the difficult moments she could have used the help of a sports psychologist, but she gave it up because she thought she could deal with her problems herself. Ultimately, however, she regretted it. “I would have become more aware of my situation faster and would have gotten to where I am now,” she explained.

Julia Szczurowska’s sincere words about Michał Kubiak’s words

However, she referred to Kubiak’s words in a rather eloquent way. The attacker bluntly admitted that she had a problem with the opinion of this volleyball player, because he had always been her idol. “Unfortunately, the former captain of our team did not show up…” she said, making it clear what she thought of this approach.

– Kubiak said something harmful to a very large group of people, and even worse, the athletes themselves. And this is what he has been doing for many years and for a wide group of people, including me, he is a role model. It is even more sad that such words were spoken – summed up Szczurowska.

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