The Polish jumper was excluded from competitions. He blames the coach for it

The Polish jumper was excluded from competitions.  He blames the coach for it

While Polish jumpers are fighting to return to their former form, their colleagues are doing their homework. The World Cup is missing its best player, Nicole Konderli, who feels excluded from the national team by the new coach, Harald Rodlauer. The athlete broke the silence.

Polish jumpers are fighting to return to their form, even from last season. Although the Four Hills Tournament shows that Thomas Thurnbichler’s players are trying to give the fans a reason to be happy, apart from a short signal from Piotr Żyla, it is difficult to talk about great positive hopes for the future.

The Polish ski jumper responds to the coach’s decision

Ladies do not yet have their equal equivalent of the Four Hills Tournament, but this is about to change soon. For now, they only have the Two Nights Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. However, Nicola Konderla is missing. The leading Polish competitor is not taking part in the World Cup this season due to a conflict with the new coach Harald Rodlauer.

In a text for TVP Sport, the ski jumper stated that she felt excluded by the trainer. He allegedly resigned due to “breaking some rules”. She suspects that it may concern her cooperation with Łukasz Kruczek, a ski jumping coach at AZS-AWF Katowice. Suspicions have been raised that the two may still be working so closely that Konderla is not listening to Rodlauer’s instructions. The player hit the ball and hit the new guardian with a pin.

– The problem with communicating with coach Harald’s team began to increase in July. And it’s not a problem that no one pats my head or opens the door. The problem is that since the holidays it has been difficult for me to know what I should actually do on the hill. If Rodlauer was in Poland, he would say, for example: – Ride more actively on the run-up. But he didn’t tell me exactly how to position myself. What exactly should I do to gain this activity? – confided Konderla.

Polish women are fighting in the World Cup

Polish jumpers do not count in the fight for the top positions in the World Cup. None of the participating representatives have scored even a point yet.

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