Cezary Kulesza talks about drinking alcohol. “It’s hard for me to react to this.”

Cezary Kulesza talks about drinking alcohol.  “It's hard for me to react to this.”

There has been a thick atmosphere around the Polish Football Association for some time now. This is related to media reports about drunkenness in the federation. Cezary Kulesza spoke on this matter.

The beginning of Cezary Kulesza’s term as president of the Polish Football Association was decent. We can remember, for example, the federation’s quick decision to refuse to play against Russia in the semi-finals of the World Cup play-offs in Qatar. It was related to this country’s attack on Ukraine. Poland was one of the first countries to oppose playing against Sborna. Later, however, Kulesza performed increasingly worse as the head of a sports organization.

The president reacts to reports of drunkenness

Let us remind you that the Polish Football Association gradually faced criticism after successive image scandals. The final straw was a December text by Rafał Stec from “Gazeta Wyborcza”, who in the title pointed out that in the federation “vodka culture has replaced wine culture”. He emphasized that we are dealing with drinking and parties, and the main ringleader is Kulesza.

It is significant that, among others, Paulo Sousa, former coach of the White and Reds, did not wait for the previously arranged meeting with president Kulesza, because he was indisposed after the defeat of the Poles against Hungary at the PGE Narodowy as part of the World Championship qualifiers, ultimately moving the party to Białystok.

During the “Piłka Nożna” Weekly Gala in Warsaw on Monday, Kulesza spoke about the alcohol label that stuck to him.

– It’s hard for me to react to this. I don’t accept it. To tell if someone is drunk, you need a breathalyzer. When you are driving a car and the police stop you for an inspection, you use this device. And in our case? Really, you can write various unverified things, meanwhile I have my own evidence – emphasized the head of Polish football, quoted by Interia.

Kulesza believes in the Polish national team

Later, the topic of play-offs for Euro 2024 was raised. After poor performances in the group games, the Polish national team must enter the tournament through this path. The president of the Polish Football Association has no doubt that the team will get a pass to the European Championships. He also emphasized that the association will do everything to ensure that the players have the best possible conditions to adequately prepare for the competition.

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