The mother of Adamowicz’s killer revealed what her son said during the meetings. “Mom, they say I killed someone.”

The mother of Adamowicz's killer revealed what her son said during the meetings.  “Mom, they say I killed someone.”

The perpetrator who assassinated the mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, in 2019, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2023. Stefan Wilmont’s defense attorney (the court agreed to make his name, surname and image public) appealed against the judgment of the Gdańsk District Court. In this context, his mother, Jolanta, spoke out.

The court set the date of the next trial in the Stefan Wilmont case for January 18.

The last time Jolanta Wilmont saw her son was in mid-September

The mother of the knifeman, Adamowicz’s killer, admitted in an interview with WP Magazyn, published on January 18, that she “cries often.” She last saw her son on September 15, 2023. – However, for several months I have not received permission from the Court of Appeal for visitation – she revealed. During the last meeting, “he was very apathetic, slowing down.” – In the past, he was very excited, constantly talking and gesturing. This time he was depressed, says Jolanta Wilmont.

Adamowicz’s killer told his relatives that he did not want them to send him parcels. “I send them anyway,” his mother says. He claims it is in bad condition. – He doesn’t care. (…) Since September, I have sent my son several letters and a Christmas card. He didn’t reply. (…) Maybe Stefan is sick and lies in bed all day? (…) I am afraid that one day the phone will ring and I will hear that he is dead – she said in an interview with Wirtualna Polska.

The mother of the knifeman would like the court to take into account the first expert opinion

In the context of the verdict, Jolanta Wilmont said that she “does not think” it will be changed. – The judge relies on the second and third expert opinions, not the first one, which stated that Stefan was insane, she said. In her opinion, “the sentence is cruel.” – We are talking about a sick man. Even the guards told me during visits: “Your son walks around and talks nonsense,” he says.

The woman does not want to justify her son’s actions because “his actions cannot be justified.” He also does not expect to ever leave the place of isolation. Jolanta Wilmont does not want him to be sentenced to 10 or maybe 15 years of imprisonment. However, it is not acceptable for him to be “tried as a healthy man.”

Recalling the first psychiatric observation, Wilmont said her son did not look well. He had “long hair”, “nails” and a “beard”. “Mom, they say I killed someone. That’s true?” – he was supposed to ask.

The woman condemns the tragic event of 2019

Speaking about the harm, the accused’s mother said that he had done it to “the president”, “his family”, “himself” and “his loved ones”, she mentioned. When asked whether such a crime could be forgiven, she said “it is possible.” In 2007, her first husband died in an accident. Time had to pass for her to forgive the perpetrator of the incident. However, she emphasized that “forgiveness” is not the same as “forgetting”.

– I know that the president’s relatives are in therapy. I would like them to know that I also suffer and strongly condemn what my son did. Taking a life is the worst thing that can be done to another person, the woman emphasized. She has already forgiven her son.

When asked about her son’s smile while reading the verdict, she told Wirtualna Polska that she interpreted it as a “symptom of illness”. “A healthy person wouldn’t react like that,” she said. She talked to him about it, but he was supposed to be “subdued” and not “pride in his behavior.” She again drew attention to the opinion of the experts on insanity.

Disturbing behavior of Stefan Wilmont. Mother claims he ‘heard voices’

Wilmont’s mother claims that her son allegedly saw “heads coming out of the TV” and “heard voices” while in prison. Later he was given medication for schizophrenia, which he did not take regularly. However, when he took them, his mother saw improvement.

As a child or teenager, Wilmont was said to be a quiet person, although he did not want to go to school. The man’s mother emphasized that he did not come from a pathological family.

– I will always be the mother of the man who killed. I’m glad Stefan is alive. But sometimes I wonder if it would not be better to be the mother of a person who, for example, suffered in a serious accident – she sometimes ponders. She confessed that today she feels “a failure as a mother.”

Wirtualna Polska’s interlocutor believes that Adamowicz has become close to her

She admitted that she would like to meet privately with the president’s mother. She would like to “stand before her with humility and bowed head, and apologize.” – In some way, her son became someone close to me – she says in an interview with WP Magazyn.

It is not known whether she will be able to participate in the next appeal hearing. It depends on the court’s decision. He hopes for “mitigation of the sentence”, but “there is not much hope”. – I would like people to see him as a human being despite his crimes. And the man in me. So that they understand my feelings – we read.

Adamowicz died on January 13, 2019. A 27-year-old man suddenly burst onto the stage

President Paweł Adamowicz was stabbed several times on January 13, 2019, during the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Gdańsk. The tragic incident occurred while he was giving a speech. Suddenly, Stefan Wilmont, then 27, entered the scene.

Afterwards, Adamowicz underwent urgent surgery, but despite the doctors’ attempts to save the politician, he ultimately died on January 14 – the information was reported by the University Clinical Center at the time. He was 53 years old. His urn with ashes is today in St. Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk.

When announcing the invalid life sentence, the chairman of the adjudicating panel, Aleksandra Kaczmarek, emphasized that “Stefan Wilmont committed a crime without precedent in the history of post-war Poland,” reminds RMF24.

The event was watched by thousands of people (it was broadcast by the media) who simply expected a happy ending to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity campaign, which is traditionally associated with the release of “Light to Heaven”. The court determined that Adamowicz’s murder was not a “political matter”.

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