The latest support poll for the president and parliament. Andrzej Duda is seeing growth

The latest support poll for the president and parliament.  Andrzej Duda is seeing growth

A CBOS survey conducted in August shows that the work of President Andrzej Duda is positively assessed by 50 percent. For comparison, the actions of the Sejm satisfy only 29 percent of respondents.

50 percent Poles are positively assessed by the president, 31st Senate and 29th Sejm – this is the assessment of our society towards the main centers of power. As noted by the Public Opinion Research Center conducting the poll, this means an increase in the ratings of the president and the lower house of parliament. The Senate’s rating has deteriorated slightly, although it remains higher than that of the Sejm.

Poll. The assessment of Andrzej Duda’s presidency is increasing

CBOS adds that the August changes coincide with the increase in support for the party ruling the country recorded this month. Andrzej Duda’s result is clearly better, by as much as 7 percentage points. The rate of dissatisfaction with the president is also falling. In July it was 6 points higher. percent higher than the current 41 percent Interestingly, the current results are identical to those recorded in May.

The Sejm’s ratings improved by 2 points. percent, compared to July. 57% of people are dissatisfied with this chamber of parliament. respondents, which means a drop of 4 points. percentages compared to the previous month. The Senate has a good opinion of 31 percent. respondents, i.e. by 6 points. percent less than in July. Nearly half of the respondents, i.e. 48 percent, are dissatisfied with his actions. This is an increase of three percentage points. on a monthly basis.

CBOS conducted the survey as part of the mixed-mode procedure on a representative sample of adult Polish residents, drawn from the PESEL register.

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