The Internet user collected strips and screenshots from 2,721 editions of TVP’s “Wiadomości”. He assumes they might be useful

The Internet user collected strips and screenshots from 2,721 editions of TVP's "Wiadomości".  He assumes they might be useful

TVP’s “Horror Strips” is one of the phenomena of Public Television during the rule of Law and Justice. If for any reason you would like to remember them, an Internet user named FlasH can help.

Some people collect stamps, others collect bottle caps, and still others collect pens. However, we have never heard of a person who collected TVP strips with such precision. According to the entry on the X platform (Twitter), this user surpasses everything that has been seen so far on the subject of TVP.

The Internet user collected screenshots from TVP’s “Wiadomości”. It has 4 million files

“I have 2,721 issues of “Wiadomości” #tvpis from 2016 – 2023 saved as screenshots – a total of over 4 million files occupying 300 GB. I also have a program that allows you to search them,” said user FlasH.

“If you are writing a scientific thesis or an article and you need information on how many times Sakiewicz spoke in the News or how many times they showed Tusk – contact me, I will be happy to help,” he added in the message from Wednesday, October 18.

The busiest “Wiadomości” experts

Thanks to Internet users’ tools, we can, for example, find out that in 2020 the most frequent “expert” of the main TVP news program was Adrian Stankowski. He appeared in them as many as 146 times, followed by Artur Wróblewski (132 appearances) and Tomasz Sakiewicz (130 appearances).

In 2021, the most popular comment voice in “Wiadomości” was again Stankowski (134), followed by Michał Karnowski (121), Tomasz Sakiewicz (119) and Jacek Karnowski (111). In turn, in 2022, the leader was Tomasz Sakiewicz (147), followed by Michał Karnowski (119), Adrian Stankowski (108) and Jacek Karnowski (95).

In addition to strips and summaries of experts’ performances, based on its database, FlasH was also able to find all appearances in “Wiadomości” of a famous public figure in three minutes, or compile a mosaic with all clips of “fur Deutschland” by Donald Tusk. All the uses have probably not been discovered yet, but Internet users are already sending thanks to the “collector” and asking about how to repay the favor.

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