Be careful with these products. GIS warns against dangerous kitchen accessories

Be careful with these products.  GIS warns against dangerous kitchen accessories

The Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS) issued a notice withdrawing popular kitchen utensils from the market. Nylon accessories should not come into contact with food, as it may be hazardous to health.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector (GIS) announced the withdrawal of a set of kitchen accessories from sale. It includes, among others, a slotted spoon and a spatula. “As a result of official activities of the State Sanitary Inspectorate, migration of primary aromatic amines – substance 4,4' – diaminodiphenylmethane from the food contact product was detected” – we read in the justification of the GIS decision.

Kitchen accessories set – details of the withdrawn product

In a released statement, the Chief Sanitary Inspector provided details about the recalled kitchen accessories

  • Lot number: 2023-10207

  • Barcode: 8720791437046

  • Distributor: ACTION Poland Sp. z o. o. ul. Wojewódzka 10, 40-026 Katowice

According to GIS, ACTION Poland Sp. z o. o. initiated explanatory proceedings in the matter in question. The process of withdrawing the product from the market is supervised by the State Sanitary Inspectorate. The indicated accessories should not be used.

Why are primary aromatic amines dangerous to health?

The Chief Sanitary Inspector emphasizes that primary aromatic amines may pose a threat to human health and should not be found in food. These compounds have been considered potentially carcinogenic. This means that may contribute to the development of various cancer-related diseases. They get into food, and with it into the body, under the influence of various chemical reactions. They are widely used in industry, including for the production of certain plastics, dyes and adhesives, as well as packaging and everyday items.

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