Behind the scenes of the creation of Channel Zero. Krzysztof Stanowski announces a new film

Behind the scenes of the creation of Channel Zero.  Krzysztof Stanowski announces a new film

In January, Krzysztof Stanowski intends to publish a new film that will present the behind-the-scenes of the creation of his new project – Kanał Zero.

Channel Zero and its upcoming online premiere are probably one of the hottest topics on YouTube right now. Krzysztof Stanowski announces that his new project will be like “dropping a bomb on the media market on the Polish Internet”.

It must be admitted that the former partner and shareholder in Kanal Sportowy approaches the topic with ambition and without any complexes, realizing that his actions are currently followed by probably half of the Polish Internet.

Yesterday evening, on his official WhatsApp broadcast channel, Krzysztof Stanowski announced that his new project, before its premiere, will be presented to a wider audience in the form of a documentary showing the process of creating Channel Zero from behind the scenes.

Channel Zero. A film is being made that will show the project from behind the scenes

“The camera follows the preparations for the launch of Canal Zero. You will be able to see the process of creating the entire project from behind the scenes. Premiere in January,” Stanowski wrote on WhatsApp. The entry was accompanied by the photo below (we assume it comes from the company’s new headquarters).

Knowing Stanowski’s capabilities and reach, we can probably expect another YouTube super-production in January, after all, one of his last videos on the WełościTV channel, touching on the issue of relationships with former collaborators, in particular Mateusz Borek, lasted over an hour and was watched on YouTube within a month. over 3 million times. If this continues, Stanowski’s reach will be comparable to the premiere of GTA VI.

Also about 4 weeks ago, this time on Channel Zero itself, Krzysztof Stanowski talked about what his new media project would actually be. This film, for a change, was watched by almost 1.5 million people. And Kanal Zero itself has managed to collect exactly PLN 477,000 since its establishment. subscribers.

Without biting your tongue: these are all really big numbers that only a few creators are able to achieve on Polish YouTube in such a short time. However, despite everything, Krzysztof Stanowski directs his project to a slightly older audience, if we compare it to what another record holder, a certain Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski, does on the Internet.

The premiere of Channel Zero, as planned, is to take place on February 1, because on that day Stanowski will no longer be bound by any contract with his former colleagues and de facto partners: Michał Pol, Mateusz Borek and Tomasz Smokowski. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to it.

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