Cooperation between Poland and the USA is strengthening. A military base was opened

Cooperation between Poland and the USA is strengthening.  A military base was opened

The Americans will be permanently stationed in one of the recently opened bases in Poland. What did they call her? They honored a Polish soldier who died during a mission in Afghanistan.

According to RMF FM, the Americans opened their base in Kraków-Balice. It was named Miron Camp, a nod to Senior Staff Warrant Officer Mirosław Łucki (“Miron”), who tragically died in August 2013 as a result of injuries sustained after a booby trap explosion. According to the editorial staff of the website, senior staff warrant officer Łucki was the cameraman.

Up to 100-150 US soldiers will stay there permanently

According to the radio station, approximately 100-150 US soldiers will be stationed in Małopolska. Miron Camp is the easternmost base of American forces. In an interview with RMF FM, Lieutenant Colonel Mariusz Łapeta, spokesman for the Special Forces Component, noted that the Americans, in cooperation with the Polish ones, will certainly “strengthen the military potential” and the “message of deterrence” – all this to ensure “security”. Miron Camp will also help “improve issues related to everyday training.”

Erin Nickerson, US consul general, also commented on the opening of a permanent special forces base in Lesser Poland on May 17. As she said, it is a “rotational base.” She indicated that a maximum of 150 soldiers would be stationed in Poland.

Nickerson on Polish-American cooperation: This is a good sign

By having soldiers on site, they will be able to “react if necessary.” Since the base will be “rotational”, Nickerson said, “there will be no need to spend money on infrastructure” and bring American soldiers and their entire families there.

The establishment of the base “means lasting engagement between Polish and American special forces.” What is important here is “cooperation, operational efficiency and solidarity between countries,” she emphasized. As the consul general said, “this is a good sign for the future of relations” among the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“Holidays with the Army”

By the way, it is worth mentioning that a special program of the Ministry of National Defense – “Holidays with the Army” – starts during the holidays. There will be three sessions – the last one will end in September and the first one will start in the first half of June. “You can choose any place and date. For 27 days of training, everyone will receive PLN 6,000. PLN,” informed the Ministry of National Defense.

People aged 18-35 can take advantage of this opportunity. The training will be organized in 70 units in Poland. During each tour, you will be able to test yourself, among others: as a soldier of land forces – infantry, sailor, landing soldier, tanker, missileer and many others,” the Ministry of Defense said.

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