The first negotiations are already behind Cezary Kulesza. We know who he talked to and what he talked about

The first negotiations are already behind Cezary Kulesza.  We know who he talked to and what he talked about

Cezary Kulesza had a conversation with one of the candidates for the new coach of the Polish national team. The search continues, but it is known who he met with first and what was discussed.

An intensive search for a new coach of the Polish national team is underway. The Polish Football Association recently received official information that the next coach of the White and Reds will be announced by September 20, because that’s when the federation’s board will meet. This week and the coming days are very intense for Cezary Kulesza, who has already talked to the first candidate.

Cezary Kulesza met with Marek Papszun

We know that it is about Marek Papszun, which was first reported by Piotr Koźmiński from the website The former coach of Raków Częstochowa turned out to be the first of the coaches whose candidacies are considered by the head of the Polish Football Association. What does this mean in practice? Exactly, he enjoys great recognition in the eyes of Cezary Kulesza, and therefore his shares are quite high.

Additionally, we already know what is the absolutely most important criterion that must be met by all those willing to take over the Polish national team after Fernando Santos. From the wide range of important things in this matter, the issue of ideas for the White and Red team came to the fore. How should we play in the near future? Why so? What benefits will the team gain from adopting this style of play? All these and many other things are included in the concept of the idea for the staff, which must be presented by individual candidates. Currently, the most dangerous competitor for Marek Papszun seems to be Michał Probierz.

Naturally, it is not yet known which coach will prove to be the most convincing and who will present the most promising vision and plan for leading the Polish national team. There are no certainties in this matter yet, except one – almost 100 percent. we should expect that our national team will be led by a Pole. However, before any decision is made, Kulesza will want to know the point of view of several coaches he is currently considering. The list is not long.

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