How much are the transaction costs when buying an apartment?

How much are the transaction costs when buying an apartment?

Purchasing an apartment involves many costs, including transaction costs. What are they and how do they differ depending on whether we are buying a flat on the primary market or a flat on the secondary market? We explain.

When planning to buy an apartment, we must take into account the costs related to the purchase of the property itself (usually a mortgage loan and own contribution), but also those resulting from finishing and furnishing the apartment. No less important will be the costs related to, among others: with notarial issues. Let’s check what exactly is included in transaction costs.

What are transaction costs?

When you buy an apartment, you must take into account all the costs associated with the purchase. The purchase of the apartment itself will be crucial, but that is not everything. The total amount you will spend during the apartment purchasing process will exceed the price of the apartment itself. This is due to the need to pay transaction costs, which include: notary services, tax on the purchase of an apartment and an agent’s commission. Importantly, transaction costs are not the same when purchasing a new apartment and a second-hand apartment. How do they differ and where can we pay less?

Basic transaction costs

The basic transaction costs that must be paid both when purchasing an apartment on the primary market and an apartment on the secondary market are an entry in the land and mortgage register (PLN 200), PCC for the mortgage (PLN 19), a copy of the notarial deed (PLN 50) and the notarial fee. The amount of the notary fee depends on the value of the property and is:

  • up to PLN 3,000 – PLN 100,

  • over PLN 3,000 up to PLN 10,000 – PLN 100 + 3% on the surplus over PLN 3,000,

  • over PLN 10,000 up to PLN 30,000 – PLN 310 + 2% on the surplus over PLN 10,000,

  • over PLN 30,000 up to PLN 60,000 – PLN 710 + 1% on the surplus over PLN 30,000,

  • over PLN 60,000 up to PLN 1,000,000 – PLN 1,010 +0.4% on the surplus over PLN 60,000,

  • over PLN 1,000,000 – PLN 4,770 + 0.2% on the surplus over PLN 1,000,000,

  • above PLN 2,000,000 – PLN 6,770 + 0.25% on the surplus above PLN 2,000,000, but not more than PLN 10,000.

You should also remember that notarial fees must be paid immediately during your visit to the notary. The amount we will leave here is approximately PLN 2,000-2,500 in total – regardless of where we buy the apartment, whether on the primary or secondary market.

Transaction costs – secondary market vs. primary market

Transaction costs when purchasing an apartment from the secondary market will be higher than those we have to pay when purchasing a new apartment from a developer. First of all, it should be mentioned that most housing offers on the secondary market are prepared by intermediaries – and therefore you will have to pay a commission. Its amount is usually several percent. For example, if we assume that the commission will be 2% when purchasing an apartment for PLN 400,000, we will pay PLN 8,000. It is much easier to buy a new apartment without an agent, and even if the purchase takes place with his participation, it is worth knowing that many agents will not charge a commission from the buyer because they are paid by the developer. Purchasing a second-hand apartment also requires paying tax on civil law transactions in the amount of 2% of the transaction price.

In the case of apartments on the primary market, there is no PCC tax. New apartments are taxed, but with VAT, which is already included in the price of the apartment. No need to pay PCC tax means that if we buy, for example, a flat for PLN 400,000, we will save PLN 8,000. However, new apartments involve an additional fee, which is the creation of a land and mortgage register (PLN 60). When buying an apartment at, you can count on the help of financial experts who will explain all issues related to the purchase of an apartment.

When buying an apartment, remember to pay transaction costs. Take into account that they will be different depending on whether you choose a new or used apartment. An apartment on the primary market is associated with lower transaction costs by approximately 4%.

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