The European country is the most pedestrian-friendly. This is the most pleasant place to walk

The European country is the most pedestrian-friendly.  This is the most pleasant place to walk

A new study shows that the most tourist-friendly country is in Europe. It boasts the largest number of cities that are the best to walk around – with appropriate infrastructure and amenities.

Have you ever wondered which country in the world is best suited for pedestrians? It turns out that it is located in Europe. The results of a study have been published that examine various criteria that could lead to such conclusions. Such a country is… Spain.

The most pedestrian-friendly country in the world

Europe's leading holiday destination has the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world, according to a new study. We're talking about Spain. Many tourists choose it as their main vacation destination. It turns out that this is where they can take a walk in the best and most pleasant conditions.

The analysis included in “The Economist” assessed the possibilities of moving around cities. It was also checked in which country people walk and walk the most.

The results were obtained by looking at how people traveled to work, and then ranked cities based on how many people walked or cycled to work. It turns out that Quelimane, a port city in Mozambique, is the most walkable place. But it is in Spain that there are as many as four towns from the top ten.

Spanish cities at the forefront

Granollers, a town about 30 km from Barcelona, ​​is the most walkedable place in the country, with 72 percent of people cycling or walking to work.

The same was noted in the case of Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city in the north of the country. Bilbao and Leon, both in northern Spain, also made the top 10, with more than 65 percent of residents in all four cities walking or cycling to work.

Interestingly, Birmingham was voted the least walkable city of any place outside North America. And where is the best place to walk? Peja, a small town located in Kosovo, can boast of this title. As many as 80 percent of residents get to work on their own two feet or by bike.

North America had the least walkable cities in the world, and in some cities less than one percent of people used “active” transportation to get to work.

In Asia, many people use public transport to get to work, even in the continent's largest cities. The situation was similar in Europe's largest cities, where most residents of London and Paris used public transport to get to work.

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