The end of the 2% Safe Credit? BGK published a statement

The end of the 2% Safe Credit?  BGK published a statement

The end of the United Right’s flagship housing program. Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego published in the Public Information Bulletin a notice suspending the acceptance of applications for a safe 2% loan.

At the beginning of the year, we will most likely say goodbye to the 2% Safe Credit. The United Right’s flagship housing program could become history.

BGK suspends accepting applications for Safe Credit 2%.

According to the announcement published in the Public Information Bulletin, as of January 1, 2024, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego stopped accepting applications for subsidies to the government loan.

“Pursuant to Art. 46 section 3 of the above-mentioned Act, banks authorized to grant safe 2% loans, as of January 2, 2024 (i.e. on the day following the date of publication of this announcement), will suspend accepting applications for a safe 2% loan. and applications for the resumption of subsidies to safe loan installments of 2%. with the forecast payment of subsidies to installments in the current year (2024)” – we read in the BGK Public Information Bulletin.

The bank announced that the total amount of projected annual amounts of subsidies to installments to be paid in the current year (2024) entered into the subsidy registration system reached 90%. an amount equivalent to the funds provided for in the Budget Act for this year to be transferred to the Government Housing Fund for the purpose of paying subsidies to installments.

Banks were preparing for the end of the program

Banks that offered Safe Credit 2%. co-financed by BGK, announced at the end of the year that they were suspending the acceptance of applications. On December 29, he did this, among others. BOŚ, and on December 21, PKO BP. In a message to intermediaries, the largest Polish bank wrote:

“Due to the upcoming exhaustion of the limit of budget subsidies for the Safe Credit 2% product, from December 21, 2023, PKO BP will temporarily suspend the implementation of actual activities for the bank related to the Safe Credit 2% product. The last day for submitting applications to the bank will be December 20, 2023 inclusive, the application should be submitted on this date at the latest.

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