In this bank, the application for “Secure loan 2 percent.” you will not submit

Poles rushed for a 2 percent loan.  There are the latest data

Several banks are finalizing talks with BGK so that they will soon be able to grant loans under the “Safe Credit 2%” programme. Bank Millennium is not interested in participating in the programme. – It is connected with the difficulty of implementing long-term financing in legal conditions in Poland – said its vice-president.

From July 3 to July 27, 12.5 thousand applications were submitted. applications under the “Safe Credit 2 percent” program. and about 250 contracts signed. Applications may be submitted by clients of 5 banks run as joint-stock companies and many cooperative banks. Before the institutions joined the programme, they had to conclude an agreement with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Soon, it will be possible to apply for a loan with a subsidy in other banks, but it is already known that after a loan with a lower commission, there is nothing to look for in Bank Millennium.

Bank Millennium will not grant loans with a government subsidy

Fernando Bicho, Vice-President of Millennium, announced during a teleconference with journalists that the institution he represented would not join the programme.

— We are analyzing the subject, but we are not considering joining the program in the near future. This is not related to the program as such, but it is related to the difficulty of implementing long-term financing under legal conditions in Poland. We keep the production of mortgage loans at a rather minimal level, unless we find ourselves in a situation of greater legal certainty, said Millennium Fernando Bicho, quoted by the ISBNews portal.

Where after “Safe 2 percent loan”?

Applications for a government-subsidized loan can be submitted to:

  1. Alior Bank,

  2. Bank BPS and Banks Spółdzielcze Zrzeszenie BPS,

  3. Pekao S.A.,

  4. Bank Spółdzielczy Rzemiosła in Krakow,

  5. PKO BP,

  6. SGB-Bank,

  7. VeloBank,

  8. Cooperative Bank in Brodnica.

How much can you save with the “Safe 2% loan”?

The real annual percentage rate (APR) of a government-backed loan ranges from 3.58 to 5.22 percent. For standard mortgages, the APR is about 9 percent, the experts of the comparison website reported. They added that the most favorable conditions are currently offered by Bank BPS.

– The analyzes of the offers of the banks that joined the program show that the terms of loans with government support are definitely better than the current commercial offer. The Safe Credit 2 percent program may mean that many customers will finally be able to decide to buy their first flat or house, said Wojciech Piesta, an expert on the comparison website.

The lowest APR for a mortgage that is not part of the government support program is currently over 8%. This means that loans granted under the government program not only offer lower installments to start, but also allow you to save a significant amount on repayment throughout the loan period. – We are talking about amounts counted in hundreds of thousands of zlotys – added Piesta.

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