Attack on a subsidiary of PERN? The company writes about a “cybersecurity incident”

Attack on a subsidiary of PERN?  The company writes about a "cybersecurity incident"

A “cybersecurity incident” occurred on Friday at Naftor, a member of the PERN capital group. The company restores system stability and diagnoses the causes of the problem. The relevant services were informed about the matter.

Naftor announced the incident on Friday on the X platform (formerly Twitter). The company writes that the stability of the IT system is currently being restored and the cause of the problem is being diagnosed. “The relevant services have been informed about the case and they are helping to carry out investigation and remedial activities,” we read in the statement. The company does not specify what the incident was about and whether, in its opinion, it was a hacker attack.

PERN comments

The PERN group, which includes Naftor, also commented on the matter. “Naftor’s IT systems are not related to PERN’s IT systems. The cybersecurity incident at Naftor has no impact on PERN’s operations,” we read in the statement.

The group includes, among others: such companies as: Naftoserwis – the largest entity in Poland specializing in maintenance services for fuel bases and pipeline diagnostics, Naftoport – the largest transshipment terminal in Poland for crude oil and petroleum products delivered by tankers to the Port of Gdańsk, and the International Pipeline Company “Sarmatia” .

Pipeline supervision

PERN is a key company managing critical infrastructure in the field of crude oil and fuels. The company has 19 fuel bases throughout the country with a capacity of over 2.65 million m³ of petroleum products and four crude oil bases with a total capacity of over 4.1 million m³. It also manages a network of 2,600 km of raw material and product pipelines.

Since 2016, PERN has built 28 tanks for petroleum products and 13 raw material tanks throughout the country. Investments reached PLN 3 billion and significantly increased Poland’s oil and fuel security.

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