The creators of ChatGPT want to cause a revolution. They are creating a search engine to compete with Google

The president of OpenAI does not want virtual escort girls "at his place".  ChatGPT is intended to serve a higher purpose

OpenAI has a very ambitious plan: it wants to challenge the undoubtedly most popular Internet search engine. The one from Google.

As unofficially reported by The Information portal, the OpenAI organization, behind the revolutionary AI tool ChatGPT, is reportedly working on its own search engine that would compete with Google itself. Common sense tells us that this plan is unlikely to succeed, but we know that the Internet is changing before our eyes, and artificial intelligence has a lot to say in this matter.

Internet search engine from the creators of ChatGPT

Media all over the world are writing about this topic today. The point is that OpenAI does not intend to stop with the project titled ChatGPT, because it is currently working on algorithms for its own engine for searching content on the Internet. To be able to compete in this respect with the undisputed leader of the search engine rankings, which is Google, you need to have an ace up your sleeve that will be able to turn the entire existing order upside down.

In the case of the OpenAI search engine, the ace is, of course, artificial intelligence, although it is not yet known to what extent it would constitute a real advantage over Google's solutions, which is also developing its own AI algorithms. No details about OpenAI's search engine are known yet, except that, as reports, it is allegedly being developed. What is known, however, is that over the last few months, ChatGPT has managed to prove even to the biggest doubters that in terms of the development of the Internet, the next years will belong to artificial intelligence.

However, the statistics remain merciless, because Google currently owns over 90 percent. the entire online search engine market.

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