Manul from the Poznań zoo was disqualified. Morawiecki: The matter is serious

Manul from the Poznań zoo was disqualified.  Morawiecki: The matter is serious

The Poznań Zoo announced that one of its animals had been expelled from the online competition. It's about manula Mania, who was already in the semi-finals of the game.

The Poznań Zoo announced the unpleasant decision of the organizers of the competition for the most beautiful steppe manula via social media. On Monday, April 22, a short entry devoted to this matter appeared on Facebook.

Manul Mania disqualified from the competition

“I was disqualified. I don't know the reasons. The guardians gave me this message, so even though I didn't really care, I would turn my back for a moment. No, then no!” – we read on the zoo's website.

By the way, mention was made of the recent success of Mania's son, who won such a plebiscite last year. “Magellan still has his title and no one will take it away from him, and I also had my moment of fame. As you probably know, we idiots don't really like publicity. It was nice, see you soon,” he concluded.

Mateusz Morawiecki comments on Mania's case

This is sad news for all those who supported the Poznań animal. On Sunday, April 21, the portal informed that Mania was among the four most beautiful steppe manulas in the world and had a chance to win. Organizers at DailyMantle did not reveal why they kicked her out of the competition.

Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also commented on the whole confusion. “The matter is serious! Mania, our beautiful manul, was disqualified in the competition! For me – as well as for thousands of voters – she is a winner! It is worth visiting Mania at the Poznań Zoo,” he wrote on X.

More about steppe manulas

Steppe manules are a species that mainly inhabits mountainous areas in Asia. It can be recognized by its thick gray fur and its wide head with small ears. It can reach from 46 to 65 cm (without the tail) and weigh from 2.5 to 4.5 kg. It is a close relative of the wildcat, known for its ability to climb steep rocks.

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