A kangaroo tried to drown his dog. The MMA fighter had to go into battle

A kangaroo tried to drown his dog.  The MMA fighter had to go into battle

An Australian man had to fight a kangaroo to save his dog. MMA trainer Mick Moloney did not hesitate for long when his pet’s health was at stake.

Life in Australia is full of dangers. We’re not just talking about deadly poisonous spiders and ubiquitous snakes. Even a kangaroo can test our ability to survive. A resident of Mildura, Victoria, found this out when he went for a regular walk with his dogs. At some point, however, he lost sight of one of them.

The kangaroo tried to drown the dog. The owner rushed to help

– I looked towards the river and saw a huge kangaroo standing with its paws in the water and staring at me – he told local journalists. A moment later, his dog was next to the wild animal and jumped into the water. The kangaroo didn’t think twice, just grabbed the dog by the head and plunged the dog under water.

– Water was flowing from his mouth, he was whining terribly – emphasized Mick Moloney. He swore that he tried to scare the kangaroo by screaming and only then used force. A fragment of the recording from this event appeared on the Internet. We can see that the Australian faced a spectacularly tall opponent.

An MMA fighter clashed with a kangaroo. He got a draw

– The muscles of this animal… I thought the kangaroo had just been released from prison – he said. Mick Moloney, who had the appropriate skills, dared to approach the animal and apply force. The kangaroo, of course, responded with a blow from his side. We see in the recording that he hit the recording device, which the owner had to pull out of the water during the retreat.

Fortunately, the dog and owner are doing well and did not suffer any serious injuries. The kangaroo didn’t seem too bothered by the whole confrontation either. Local ecologists emphasized that the animal most likely entered the water out of fear to get away from humans and dogs. Only when the quadruped swam towards him did it decide to resort to violence.

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