The British loved the Polish city. Huge increase in flight searches

The British loved the Polish city.  Huge increase in flight searches

“Polish Venice” wins the hearts of tourists from abroad. Its popularity among the British grew so much that it was added to their list of trendy places to visit.

2024 will be a year for many people visiting places that are less popular and, above all, less crowded. Tourists are increasingly willing to look for alternatives to such popular places as Paris, London or Venice. The latter city has its equivalent in our country. “Little Venice” has won the hearts of the British especially, who are massively looking for connections with this city.

British tourists are looking for alternative holidays

Value for money remains an important factor for UK travelers who also want to visit less crowded destinations. While Spain continues to attract the majority of British holidaymakers, an increasing number of travelers are looking for alternatives to the busy Balearic Islands and busy coastline. They want to find some quieter places.

That is why the British are seeing an increase in interest in, for example, Vigo in Spain or Rimini in Italy. This first corner lies in the so-called “green Spain”, and its popularity increased by 1235%.

But not only these cities will become more and more popular.

The British loved “Polish Venice”

In addition to Spain and Italy, Poland was also on the British list. They believe that in view of the additional fees that Venice is introducing for tourists this year, it is worth visiting its “sister”, i.e. Bydgoszcz.

Searches for flights to the city increased by 313 percent on Skyscanner last year. Brits can buy return flights for just £25.

Bydgoszcz is located on the Vistula and Brda rivers, and its Art Nouveau architecture and industrial waterfront attract tourists. However, it is Mill Island that is the most interesting here. Surrounded by water and connected to the rest of the city by footbridges, it is a picturesque complex of canals and locks surrounding parks, mills, granaries, warehouses and historic houses.

What other destinations are on the list of those with growing popularity?

  1. Vigo, Spain (+1,235% increase in searches)

  2. Leipzig, Germany (+545% increase in searches)

  3. Rimini, Italy (+362% increase in searches)

  4. Bydgoszcz, Poland (+313% increase in searches)

  5. Sapporo, Japan (search volume +276%)

  6. Osaka, Japan (+231% increase in searches)

  7. Nantes, France (+229% increase in searches)

  8. Chiang Mai, Thailand (+221% increase in searches)

  9. Billund, Denmark (search increase +219%)

  10. Tokyo, Japan (+208% increase in searches)

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