One step away from disaster at the airport. Two planes on the runway at the same time

One step away from disaster at the airport.  Two planes on the runway at the same time

The Vistara plane entered the runway of the Delhi airport just as the second vehicle had just landed on it. At that moment, there were a total of 300 people on both decks whose lives were in danger. Fortunately, the pilots kept their cool and it only ended in stress.

The air traffic controller at Delhi airport mistakenly diverted both aircraft to the runway at the same time. The situation occurred at an Indian airport on August 23. The facility employee first gave instructions to one pilot to land, and a moment later allowed the second captain to take off. It could have been a tragedy.

A hair’s breadth away from an airport disaster

When one plane landed at the Delhi airport, another one crossed its path at the same time, taxiing on the runway and getting ready to take off. Fortunately, one of the pilots noticed the error and immediately notified the air traffic controller. The lives of more than 300 people were put in danger when two planes entered an active runway at the same time.

The incident occurred as a result of a momentary error of the air traffic controller, but fortunately he realized the situation in time and prevented a potential accident.

It was supposed to be a quiet day at an airport in India

On August 23, a disaster may have occurred at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) in Delhi. Two Vistara planes were on the same runway almost at the same time. One was leaving for Bagdogra, the other had just landed from Ahmedabad and was crossing the road.

It is worth adding that Delhi is the busiest airport in India, with four runways, and the air traffic controller must constantly monitor the flow of arrivals and departures.

Wednesday’s incident happened shortly after the Airbus A320 Vistara landed from Ahmedabad. The air traffic controller asked the aircraft to cross the active runway in order to reach the parking space. However, the employee forgot that moments earlier he had already given instructions to another captain passing through the runway and allowed him to take off from the same runway towards Bagdogra.

Fortunately, the alert pilot reacted immediately and the controller managed to cancel the take-off of the second machine. The vehicle left the lane and returned to the parking stand to refuel and check the brakes. Ultimately, it started late.

An investigation is likely to be initiated into this matter.

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