The beginning of free tests across Poland today can protect against blindness. How to sign up?

The beginning of free tests across Poland today can protect against blindness.  How to sign up?

Although glaucoma is considered a disease of older people, it can affect people of any age. Diagnosing it and implementing treatment can protect against vision loss. You can get free tests for this disease today and in the coming days.

Glaucoma, after cataract, is the second cause of vision loss worldwide. Up to 800,000 people in our country may suffer from this disease, but many of them are unaware of their disease. Specialists say that only half of them have been diagnosed with glaucoma. This is due to the fact that this disease may be asymptomatic, so everyone should undergo a complete eye examination at least once every two years, and people from the risk group – once every 12 months. Over the next week there will be a great opportunity to take care of your eyesight.

Free glaucoma tests throughout Poland

World Glaucoma Week lasts from March 10 to 16, and free preventive glaucoma tests are held throughout Poland. They are addressed to people who have not been diagnosed with glaucoma and have not used the help of an ophthalmologist under the National Health Fund in the last 12 months. The event is organized by the Polish Ophthalmological Society. This is an initiative aimed at raising society's awareness of glaucoma, but above all – increasing its detection in the early stages of the disease.

Glaucoma is an insidious disease that “steals your vision.” Detecting it at an early stage is so important because it can actually save him. This disease, if left untreated, leads to irreversible blindness. When glaucoma is diagnosed, the level of damage to the optic nerve and the patient's vision impairment are of great importance. The symptoms of glaucoma may vary depending on the type, but there may be no symptoms at first (especially in the case of primary open angle glaucoma), which is why so many people do not realize they have glaucoma.

When can you get a free glaucoma test?

Although the preventive examination campaign has been ongoing since March 10, 2024, in most cases you can actually see an ophthalmologist only from Monday (March 11, 2024), because all other facilities participating in the program are closed on Sunday. We checked that the only exception is St. Hospital. Ducha in Rawa Mazowiecka, which also operates on Sundays. In practice, this means that such free tests in 99 percent of facilities can only be performed from today (March 11, 2024).

Moreover, although the free tests campaign also lasts on Saturday, March 16, 2024, only five facilities are open on that day:

  • Eye Surgery Center Prof. Z. Zagórski in Lubartów,

  • Gabinety Okulistyczny Sp. zoo in Lublin,

  • St. Hospital Ducha in Rawa Mazowiecka,

  • Okaz Surgery Center Prof. Zagórskiego in Rzeszów,

  • Spektrum Sp.zoo in Wrocław.

Most facilities that take part in the free preventive examinations are open only on weekdays – from Monday to Friday during fixed hours. Please keep this in mind when planning your examination date.

How to sign up for a free glaucoma test?

The list of offices that take part in the preventive campaign in connection with World Glaucoma Week is available at Each office individually decides on what days and hours it will carry out tests, as well as the number of places it will make available. To take advantage of the free examination, please search for a clinic near your place of residence on the website and then book an appointment by phone. The number of places is limited. Please also remember that the order of applications is decisive. During the glaucoma preventive testing campaign in 2023, 1,904 places were available for patients.

What exactly do you need to do to sign up for a test? Here are the step by step instructions:

  • Visit the website

  • Click on the “Find an office” tab.

  • Enter the city and find the facility (you can also use the available map by clicking on the area of ​​the voivodeship that interests you).

  • Register for the examination by phone.

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