That’s why Tomasz Adamek joined Fame MMA. Two important reasons

That's why Tomasz Adamek joined Fame MMA.  Two important reasons

Tomasz Adamek decided to return to sport. The boxer signed a two-fight contract with the Fame MMA federation. “Góral” indicated the two most important reasons for returning to the ring.

Tomasz Adamek has been retired from sports since 2018. His last fight was with Jarell Miller, which he lost by knockout. There has been talk for a long time about Tomasz Adamek’s possible return to the ring. He was called to the table many times by Marcin Najman, who said in many interviews that in MMA he would win against the popular “Góral”.

Tomasz Adamek returns to sport

Rumors about Tomasz joining Freak Fights were fueled some time ago by Mateusz Borek, who revealed that the boxer had a contract on the table. – There is a good offer from the cage and there is a concept of something cool, non-standard, unconventional in the ring. We talk, we look, we try to scratch our heads and count the numbers to make sure everything is correct, he said.

Tomasz Adamek was officially announced by the federation’s management just before the start of the Fame MMA Friday Arena 2 event, where you could see, among others, Dominik Zadrora or Piotr Lisek. – I’m going back to the old garbage to be quick. And if Adamek is fast, he can’t be beaten. In the following days, the boxer spoke in “Fakt” about his involvement in the freak fight federation.

– I have a great willingness to take on new challenges. However, it is known that you do not enter the ring for free. Combat sports have been my job since 1999, he said.

Two reasons for Tomasz Adamek’s return to sport

In July this year, information appeared on the “Interia” website that Tomasz Adamek’s earnings in the FAME MMA federation may amount to between PLN 800,000 and one million for one fight. In an interview with “Fakt”, the boxer did not go into details, but admitted that the salary was one of the important reasons for signing the contract. – You don’t get into the cage for free. It’s my life. There is no way to do this without money, he said. What was the second reason?

– My granddaughter will be able to watch her grandfather live. He is one year old. A new generation is coming and time is passing. I will remind the older ones about myself and introduce myself to the younger ones. (…) Probably when I fought for the championship, they weren’t in the world yet. I’m glad that freaks attract young people to sports, he concluded.

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