This is the last chance to complete these free tests. Normally you have to pay a lot for them

This is the last chance to complete these free tests.  Normally you have to pay a lot for them

You can perform completely free tests for a few more weeks. Remember that prevention can protect you against many diseases. We explain who can benefit from this health program.

Currently, the “Profilaktyka 40 PLUS” program is underway, under which all people over 40 can undergo free tests. However, the time to use them is limited and will end soon. Therefore, it is worth using this “last chance” to take care of your health. Prevention may even save your life. However, you must remember to hurry. The program includes a package of diagnostic tests – separate for women and men.

Last moment to perform free tests

The “Prevention 40 plus” program launched in July 2021. Although it was initially supposed to last until December 2023, it was extended. The time when you can take advantage of free tests is coming to an end soon, because the program is valid only until the end of June 2024. There are less than two months left, so you can plan your time accordingly and take care of your health.

Participating in such a program is not problematic because you do not need a special referral from a doctor or other documents. All an interested person needs to do is log into their Online Patient Account, complete the appropriate survey (located in the “Prevention” tab), and then select the facility where they would like to have the tests performed. Then just contact her and arrange an examination date. Please remember to take your ID card with you to this examination. The patient receives the results at the facility where the tests were performed or via the Online Patient Account.

Who can benefit from free tests?

The aim of the program is to increase the number of people who perform preventive examinations. This increases the chance of detecting diseases and various types of disorders. It is also possible to prevent them or, if they already exist, to treat them appropriately. The research is aimed at people over 40 years of age. Another criterion is that such people have not previously used this preventive program. In turn, if she took advantage of it, at least 12 months should have passed since the first tests under the program. This package of health tests is completely free.

Research under the “Prevention 40 PLUS” program is divided into three groups: research for women, research for men and a common package. The specific tests a given person will undergo depends on the answers they provide in the survey. The test package includes, among others: peripheral blood count with percentage formula and platelets, total cholesterol concentration or control lipid profile, blood glucose concentration, but also a general urine test and blood pressure measurement. More information can be found on the “Profilaktyka 40 PLUS” program website.

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