Szynkowski aka Sęk on Tusk’s statement regarding KPO: PO blocked the funds with a manipulative spin

Szynkowski aka Sęk on Tusk's statement regarding KPO: PO blocked the funds with a manipulative spin

Donald Tusk has heated up the election campaign again. The PO chairman stated that after winning, he would release funds from the KPO in one day. Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk commented on his words.

Funds from the National Reconstruction Program that are still not flowing to Poland can be unblocked in one day. This is what Donald Tusk, the chairman of the Civic Platform, says. However, the minister who is directly responsible for these matters has a different opinion.

“Donald Tusk is misleading the public opinion”

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, Minister for European Union Affairs, was asked about Donald Tusk’s statement on Radio Plus.

– This statement is important because it confirms two issues, firstly, that Donald Tusk is not telling the truth because he is not able to do something in one day. I don’t think Tusk is unaware of these processes. The second thing is even more important, he admitted that PO blocked the KPO with a de facto manipulation spin that gave the impression that something extraordinary was happening in Poland. He admitted that these measures are blocked for political reasons – Szymon Szynkowski vel. Sęk, Minister of European Union Affairs, said on Radio Plus.

Either the rule of law or politics

The minister also noted that this case shows some double standards. In his opinion, completely different standards are applied to relations with the European Commission on various issues.

– Either procedures and criteria matter and we operate within the limits of the rule of law in relations with the EC, or politics matters, as Donald Tusk suggests – he said.

When asked whether the money from the KPO could actually be unlocked in one day, the minister replied without doubt. – It is not, Donald Tusk is misleading the public – he said.

When will funds from KPO in Poland be available?

If it is not possible to unblock these funds in one day, when will the money from KPO start flowing to Poland? The minister admitted that talks are ongoing, but despite the lack of these funds, projects are already being implemented.

– KPO projects are implemented in the advance payment mode. There are a whole lot of them – said Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk. – These funds will reach Poland. They are politically blocked, as confirmed by Donald Tusk. This blockade will lose its sense when PiS wins the election again added.

Donald Tusk promises money from KPO

Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk referred to Donald Tusk’s latest statement regarding “arranging” funds from the National Reconstruction Plan. Interestingly, these are not the first words of this type of the chairman of the Civic Platform. Those died much earlier, in October 2022.

“I can only say what can really be done, and without much effort. Only that it requires a change of power, or at least a change in the approach of this power, which I find hard to believe – he continued. – I will tell you about the simplest thing, because I know it really well. And I say with my hand on my heart that if I were given some influence on the government, if we changed the government and I had influence on something, I would be able to arrange it overnight – that means European money – said Donald Tusk on October 14, 2022.

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