Spectacular knockout of Anthony Joshua. The famous rival had nothing to say

Spectacular knockout of Anthony Joshua.  The famous rival had nothing to say

Anthony Joshua had no problems defeating Francis Ngannou. The former UFC champion fell in the second round, receiving a painful boxing lesson.

Francis Ngannou has been entering professional boxing more and more boldly in recent years. The former UFC (mixed martial arts) champion decided to take this step, among other things, for financial reasons. After a fierce fight with Tyson Fury, it seemed that he would not be just a loud name to be beaten by his rivals. However, in the fight against the former world heavyweight boxing champion, he had nothing to say.

Francis Ngannou knocked out by the Briton

The gala in Riyadh was accompanied by great splendor. Saudi Arabia has been attracting the interest of promoters and fans for a long time. There were two belt fights during the event, but the fight between the British and the Cameroonian was the main course of the evening. Fans who were preparing for a long spectacle may have been disappointed.

The fight between Joshua and Ngannou lasted just two rounds. From the first seconds of the fights it was clear that the former boxing world champion was the clear favorite. Joshua had the initiative, which he showed by sending his rival to the boards in the first round.

In the second one, the entertainment was repeated. Joshua sent his rival to the boards again, but he got up again. Within a few seconds, the Cameroonian fell once again – as it turned out, for the last time. The referee stopped the fight, pointing to the victory of the fighter born in 1989. Joshua played the role of favorite perfectly.

Anthony Joshua's career

Anthony Joshua is a former heavyweight champion of the world. He has a record of 28 wins and 3 losses. In the professional rings, he was defeated only by Andy Ruiz (he defeated him in a rematch) and Oleksandr Usyk (two defeats). Ngannou, in turn, suffered a second defeat in his second professional boxing fight. Previously, he lost to Tyson Fury by split decision.

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