The Minister of Sports has a harsh word about people from the famous Żyleta. “It's all these hooligans' fault”

The Minister of Sports has a harsh word about people from the famous Żyleta.  "It's all these hooligans' fault"

The Minister of Sport and Tourism treated Polish football fans harshly. Sławomir Nitras did not bite his tongue, among others. regarding Żyleta at the Legia Warszawa stadium.

It is no secret that the current Minister of Sport and Tourism is not the favorite of the stands at the facility at Łazienkowska. Legia Warszawa fans have already expressed their reluctance or not necessarily the same way of thinking about everyday sports.

Sławomir Nitras did not mince his words regarding football fans

The head of the sports ministry in the current government was a guest on Radio ZET. Many topics were discussed, including what was happening in the stands. Or rather, the reality that is the later consequence. For example, there is a lack of willingness on the part of business people to commit more financial resources to domestic football.

– I'm not afraid of the fans at Łazienkowska Street. I will say more, this Wyldstyle is stupid, quite stupid. Banners don't impress me. The only thing that annoys me is that the minority in the stadiums, and this does not only apply to the Legia stadium, is trying to dominate the majority (…) If Polish football lacks money today, if Polish clubs, starting from Legia and ending with ŁKS, last in the league, say, that they do not have private investors like other sports, it is Żyleta's fault. It is the fault of all these hooligans who discourage business people and people who want to invest in sport from football. This is your fault. I would write such a banner for Żyleta, let them write: “it is our fault that Legia is having financial problems today, that private investors are not willing to join Legia.” They look at what is happening there and say “we don't want to have anything to do with it,” admitted Nitras, who was a guest in Bogdan Rymanowski's program.

Legia Warszawa off the podium of PKO BP Ekstraklasa

As every season, the Warsaw club is listed among the favorites for the Polish champion title. The 2023/24 campaign is no different, although it must be admitted that Legia has big problems at home. After 25 rounds of PKO BP Ekstraklasa, the Warsaw team is only fifth in the standings.

After the international break, the Legionnaires will play several key matches in the context of returning to the game in the fight for the title. The Warsaw team will start with an away match against Górnik Zabrze (April 1, 8:00 p.m.). Then, the table leader Jagiellonia Białystok will come to Warsaw (7/04, 17:30), and a week later Legia will play in the territory of the current Polish champion, Raków Częstochowa (13/04, 20:00).

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