Her nightmare lasted 11 months. She received a loan of confidence and returned to the national team

Her nightmare lasted 11 months.  She received a loan of confidence and returned to the national team

Klaudia Alagierska played for the Polish team again. We are talking about the once leading figure of the team who encountered serious health problems along the way.

In 2022, the Polish national volleyball team delighted fans by reaching the quarterfinals of the world championship. It was the best result in 50 years. At that time, the team made a lot of progress, and one of the most important players was Klaudia Alagierska, who usually plays as a center on the pitch.

Alagierska's return after a fatal injury

In the 2023 season, the nice volleyball player was not allowed to play in the Polish national team. In February last year, she suffered a fatal injury. She tore the cruciate ligament in her right knee and it was known that she would be out of the game for a long time. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario, which assumed a year's break from sports, almost came true. Alagierska finally returned to the pitch after 11 months, i.e. in January this year.

After fighting to recover from a terrible injury, the 28-year-old had to do everything to convince coach Stefano Lavarini. It worked. The Italian called the player to the Polish national team, and later also to the first Nations League tournament, which is held in Turkey.

Correct performance by Alagierska

The central player even played in the starting six in the match against the Italians. The coach most likely wants to “build her” again, giving her a loan of trust and the opportunity to play in the national team after a long break. In Tuesday's match, the white and red team defeated their rivals 3-0.

– We still have some work to do. However, I think that most of the girls play together every day in clubs, they spent the previous national team season together, so they feel good. This is not the volleyball we want to play yet. We still make a lot of mistakes, we lack teamwork, but every team that has finished the league and returned to the national team needs teamwork. So each team is in the initial phase, Alagierska said in an interview with sport.tvp.pl.

In the competition against Italia, Alagierska scored four points, attacking with 44 percent effectiveness. Considering what she experienced recently, her performance should be considered correct. The most important thing is that he can be part of the Polish national team again and it cannot be ruled out that he will again be a key element of the team.

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