Gwen Stefani wants to sell the estate. She lowered the price to… $25 million

Gwen Stefani wants to sell the estate.  She lowered the price to... $25 million

The No Doubt singer has been unsuccessfully looking for a buyer for her impressive estate for several years. The property is up for sale again, and Gwen Stefani has decided to significantly reduce the price. A potential buyer may be tempted not only by the location, but also by the interior of the residence itself.

As reported by People magazine, Gwen Stefani bought a mansion in Beverly Hills in 2006. The singer purchased the residence with her husband, Gavin Rossdale. The couple separated in August 2015, and the villa was for sale two years later. The No Doubt singer’s ex-husband does not claim the rights to half of the house, so Stefani is handling the sale. Specifically, the Jade Mills Estates agency.

What is inside the residence?

The initial price of the residence was $35 million. The agency couldn’t find a buyer for a long time, and finally, after talks with Stefani, the price was reduced to $25 million. A potential buyer will be able to boast of the villa where not only Gwen Stefani lived, but also Jennifer Lopez, who visited the property in 2000-2004.

The residence has seven bedrooms, a swimming pool, a floodlit tennis court, two bathrooms and two dressing rooms. The dominant black and white decor was designed by Kelly Wearstler. There are also vivid and bright colors, and the designers also thought about a bedroom, a sauna and a massage room.

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