Sasin about Orlen: big can do more. He was asked whether photos with coffee “were not embarrassing”

Sasin about Orlen: big can do more.  He was asked whether photos with coffee "were not embarrassing"

Orlen does not lower prices. Attractive prices have nothing to do with the upcoming elections, they are solely the result of good management and cost optimization, argued the Minister of State Assets, Jacek Sasin, in “Guest of Radio Zet”.

“Short ball: is Orlen artificially lowering prices?” – with this sentence Bogdan Rymanowski began his Monday conversation with Jacek Sasin on Radio Zet. The Deputy Minister of State Assets assured that there is no question of price manipulation for political purposes, and Orlen can afford to sell fuel at the lowest prices in Europe because it is an important player that is also great at optimizing costs.

– Cheap gasoline has been in Poland for a long time – since Orlen obtained oil from other directions and strengthened itself by merging with Lotos, and also became an important global player. It can afford cheaper fuels, Sasin said.

Orlen. Low prices, according to Sasin, are the result of good management

He continued that the surprisingly low prices have nothing to do with the upcoming elections, they are rather the result of cost optimization – A large company has lower costs than four companies separately, and Orlen has access to deposits in Saudi Arabia – assured the minister. He expressed surprise that “instead of being happy that we have cheap fuel, Poles tend to look for another day.”

Sasin rejected linking cheap gasoline with the upcoming elections, but when asked whether we could be sure that they would not increase dramatically after October 15, he replied that “he is not a fortune teller.” – But you have a hotline with Danel Obajtek – Rymanowski asked.

– It’s hard not to be the head of MAP. Company presidents do not make every decision with the Prime Minister. It’s a market decision. Orlen simply calculated its prices so as to obtain a fair profit and not to rob Poles. That’s why we have state-owned companies to pursue such a policy, Sasin continued. The presenter did not believe that there was no conversation with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on such an important issue as the sale of fuels at a price lower than on world markets, but Sasin repeated that low prices are the effect of scale and good management.

— There will be no shortage of fuel under any circumstances, but there is currently a campaign by the opposition to cause panic in the market and run out of fuel. However, this is not because there is no fuel, but because if there is great interest, logistical perturbations may occur – he added.

Photos with coffee at Orlen

During the broadcast, the host read out questions from the listeners. One of them concerned photos of coffee bought at Orlen stations – politicians and PiS supporters regularly post photos online praising the taste of this drink. “Aren’t you ashamed? Orlen should be apolitical,” the listener asked.

– We are proud that Poland has developed such a serious concern that counts on the European market – replied Sasin. He added that in the Czech Republic and Lithuania, the company’s stations dominate the fuel market. – This is Poland’s pride and let’s not let it be destroyed.

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