Ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. PiS has a plan

Ban on the import of Ukrainian grain.  PiS has a plan

We are close to extending the ban on grain imports from Ukraine to the EU, but even if this does not happen, we have a ready regulation – we will introduce a ban at the national level – said government spokesman Piotr Müller in “Graffiti”. On September 15, the ban on imports of selected agricultural products from Ukraine to Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia ceases to apply. There is no indication that the ban will be extended at the EU level.

Piotr Müller added that the Council of Ministers will adopt a resolution calling on the EC to extend the barrier. – If this does not happen, we will accept him on the basis of the security clause.

Ban on grain imports. PiS has a plan

– The PiS government will introduce the embargo on its own if the European Union does not do so – said the government spokesman. – This matter is settled: either at the EU level or at the national level.

Müller was also asked to comment on the actions of Michał Kołodziejczak, the leader of Agrounia, who organized a press conference on Tuesday morning and then flew to Strasbourg to – as he announced – “fight like a lion” for Polish farmers. It will demand an extension of the ban on grain imports from Ukraine.

– Mr. Kołodziejczak does not currently hold any public office. At Donald Tusk’s request, he will be accepted by his EPP colleagues in order to create the impression that he is doing something, said Müller.

The government spokesman also suggested that the European Commission extends the extension proceedings so that Kołodziejczak can put on a “show in the European Parliament.”

Prime Minister: We will extend the ban on importing grain from Ukraine

On Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus appeared on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The head of government assured that he wanted to protect the interests of Polish farmers, regardless of the decisions of the European Commission.

– The interest of Polish agriculture is our highest imperative. We promised to defend Polish agriculture against the flood of Ukrainian grain and we keep our word. That is why I said clearly already in July – after talks with four other countries that border the EU – we will not allow the reopening of agricultural markets, regardless of the EU’s decision – pointed out Mateusz Morawiecki.

– Either next Wednesday, the European Commission will decide on a further import ban, or we will extend this import ban into the territory of the Republic of Poland – noted the Prime Minister.

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