A loan in Poland for an apartment in the tropics – it’s possible!

A loan in Poland for an apartment in the tropics – it's possible!

If purchasing real estate in the tropics has always been your dream, you have a chance to make it come true. “Do you have the ability in Poland? You have the ability in the Dominican Republic,” says Samana Group, offering Poles a completely new way of purchasing foreign real estate.

It is enough to have creditworthiness in Poland to buy a property in the Dominican Republic. Samana Group makes its Polish properties available to customers for which they can take out a mortgage loan. The client then signs an asset swap agreement with the company and will ultimately become the owner of the selected property in the Dominican Republic.

You can do more than you think

Samana Group is one of the largest developers and landowners on the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Under the leadership of a well-known Polish entrepreneur, Marek Zmysłowski, the company is building green estates, residential and coworking complexes and luxury villas, which will eventually become part of a private city.

– Our new offer is a small revolution on the Polish real estate market. We are overcoming the financial barrier of purchasing a property abroad, because from today many Poles can afford it! A mortgage loan, which until now allowed you to buy a studio apartment in a Polish city, is becoming a ticket to a private piece of tropical paradise – says Marek Zmysłowski, CEO of Samana Group.

A unique place

Samana Group has over 4,000 hectares of land stretching along tropical beaches. An autonomous, privately managed city is being built in these areas. The holding declares a restrictive land development policy that protects the peninsula’s natural treasures and the dominance of wildlife.

The company’s founders are experienced entrepreneurs from Poland, Argentina and the United States. In addition to Marek Zmysłowski (formerly Jumia.Com and SunRoof), these include Piotr Baran (PCG), Tomas Avogadro and Shannon Robertson (JLL). The advisor to the management board of Samana Group is, among others: Ludwik Sobolewski, former president of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

More information on the Samana Group website: https://samana-group.net/

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