Samsung Lifestyle means TVs tailored to your needs

Samsung Lifestyle means TVs tailored to your needs

The TV is no longer just a typically utilitarian “gadget” that we turn on thoughtlessly to watch another episode of our favorite series. Viewers are increasingly interested in ensuring that the equipment we equip our homes with is characterized by unique design and aesthetic values ​​of the highest class. These are the Samsung Lifestyle multimedia devices.

The Samsung Lifestyle TV family is incredibly diverse in terms of features and design. The leading – and at the same time best-selling – representative of the line is The Frame model. According to internal data, only in 2022 and 2023 it found several dozen thousand buyers in Poland. The TV is available in several diagonal variants – from 43 inches to 85 inches. Interestingly, the most popular diagonal among users is 55 inches, but there is also an increasing interest in smaller (32 inches) and larger (65 inches) TVs. In both these groups, 20 percent was recorded last year. sales increase compared to 2022

New features in The Frame series

The Frame TVs in 2024 are equipped with functions that enrich the experience of interacting with works of art. Thanks to access to the Art Store(1) service, they can display on the screen reproductions of selected works from over 2.5 thousand. catalog of works of art from world-renowned museums and galleries. The Frame's new Art Store Streaming feature gives users the opportunity to explore the Art Store's extensive collection by selecting a work of art each month.

In addition, The Frame version 2024 is more energy efficient. When presenting works of art on the screen, the image refresh rate is reduced, which can save energy consumption by up to 10%, depending on the presentation time.

One of the many special features of The Frame are magnetic, interchangeable frames, available in several colors and styles. The specially fitted mount included with the TV allows for installation so that the screen fits snugly to the wall, making it look like a painting.

However, these are not all the news for this year – owners of this TV can also enjoy access to the paid Flexit platform, specializing in health and well-being. It is made available via Daily+ – a new lifestyle center in the Samsung Tizen system menu.

A great addition to The Frame, taking the user experience to a whole new level is the Music Frame speaker. The device integrates perfectly with the SmartThings(2) application. It can work on its own as a wireless speaker, or as part of an audio system – when paired with a TV and soundbar using the Q-Symphony function – which allows for even better bass and surround sound quality.

Moreover, the design of the Music Frame, resembling a picture frame, allows the device to harmoniously fit into the decor of any room. Instead of black speaker grills, we have space to insert your own printed graphics or photos. This is an undeniable advantage for anyone who cares about an aesthetic interior.

Freestyle and The Premier projectors

The advantage of the Lifestyle series is the versatility and richness of the offer, and it includes devices that will suit even the most sophisticated tastes. This family also includes projectors, depending on the model, adapted to the various needs of users.

In 2023, Samsung sold over 10,000 projectors, the vast majority of which were The Freestyle model, which enjoys unflagging popularity. According to internal data, this is a more than double increase compared to 2022. This fact confirms that the market welcomed this product and therefore an even greater increase in sales is expected this year. What is its phenomenon? We can take The Freestyle on any trip because the device weighs only 830 g. Samsung now offers the second generation of these projectors, which is characterized by faster operation and a full range of Smart TV functions.

The Premiere, in turn, are short-throw laser projectors that can be placed just a few centimeters from the wall to obtain an image up to 130 inches in size. This model uses the innovative Triple Laser Technology, which allows for cinematic quality consistent with the director's vision. This impression was achieved thanks to the support of the HDR10+ standard and the Filmmaker Mode function. In turn, the amazing 4K resolution will provide a wide range of colors and uncompromising contrast. Importantly, all details will be clearly visible even when watching movies during the day. Brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens in the LSP9T model and 2,200 ANSI lumens in the LSP7T model will provide enough light for viewers to enjoy their favorite entertainment at any time of the day.

Another advantage of The Premiere projector is its powerful sound, which in the LSP9T model is provided by 40-watt speakers in 4.2 format and built-in woofers. In turn, the surround sound in the LSP9T model is provided by Samsung Acoustic Beam technology, which uses 44 holes to distribute sound in the room. The technology amplifies sound emissions from the left and right sides for a truly immersive listening experience.

The Serif and The Sero TVs

The Serif TV can be displayed as a modern piece of furniture and presented to guests (the included floor legs allow you to place the device anywhere in the living room). This year, the range of The Serif devices is expanded with a new color variant – bottle green.

The Terrace and The Sero TVs are representatives of the Lifestyle series for special tasks. The first one, thanks to its resistance to weather conditions (meets the requirements of the IP55 standard), dust and moisture, can be placed in the garden or on the terrace and thus organize an open-air cinema.

The second one is equipped with a rotating screen, so you can switch it from panoramic to portrait mode, i.e. one in which the shorter edges of the screen are in a horizontal position. This design, combined with the Screen Compatible with Phone function, facilitates the playback of video content recorded with a smartphone, without the need to compensate for the image in the form of blurring the background on the sides.


(1)Paid subscription required to enjoy all Art Store creations. Artworks in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.

(2) SmartThings application available on devices with Android and iOS operating systems (Android OS 8↑, iOS 13↑). Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required. All managed devices must be registered with the SmartThings app. Compatible products and/or their packaging feature the “Works with SmartThings” logo.

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