The author of the “fishing fanatic” paste has written a book. The snippet has been posted online

The author of the "fishing fanatic" paste has written a book.  The snippet has been posted online

“My old man is a fishing fanatic” – probably every second Polish Internet user knows this combination of words and its continuation. However, not everyone knows that this work is not an anonymous work. Its author is almost universally believed to be an Internet user with the nickname Malcolm XD. It’s worth remembering this nickname, because on May 15, Malcolm will make his literary debut.

The story of a father who is madly passionate about fishing was a real hit of the Polish Internet. Its popularity even contributed to the film adaptation of the story, in which, among others, took part. Piotr Cyrwus and Marian Dziędziel. The finished work was one of the most famous premieres of the Showmax platform entering Poland at that time.

“Fanatic” was of course not the only paste (in simple terms – an internet story) of Malcolm XD. Since then, he has regaled us with many similar literary performances. In the end, however, he decided that it was time for a larger and perhaps a little more serious (and also profitable) project called “Emigration”.

As we read on the profile of the WAB publishing house, “Malcolm’s graduation is behind him, studies are ahead of him, this time in the right capital, and you have to earn money to study. On the spot, his possibilities of earning money were exhausted – as a flyer, he gave everyone every possible leaflet. Together with his faithful friend Stomil, he decides to set out to conquer the Islands. And then it just begins.”

Malcolm XD’s book will be entitled “Emigrations” and – as you can easily guess from the cover – it will talk about his life in Great Britain. “So far, I’ve never talked about my stay in the UK in pasties, because I always felt that it was a story so thick that it needed to be made into one solid story. For this reason, the book will not be a collection of random, unrelated pastes – as some people have been asking for” – he explained on his Facebook profile. He also informed that we can expect the premiere on May 15.

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